Happy 15th Birthday Piper Palin


Happy 15th Birthday Piper Palin – Sarah Palin

Happy, Happy Birthday Piper Indi Grace Palin! We 󾬘 you more than life itself! Thank you for the joy you bring to our…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Saturday, March 19, 2016


Happy 15th Birthday Piper Palin – Ron Devito

On March 19, 2001, Piper Indi Grace Palin was born. She was named after Todd Palin’s Piper Super Cub and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s baby shower for her was held at the Grouse Ridge Shotgun Shooting Club. “Indi” signifies independence and “Grace” signifies God’s grace as documented in Going Rogue: An American Life.

Happy 15th Birthday, Piper Palin

File Photo: Left to Right – Piper, Bristol, and Willow Palin in Hawaii March 6, 2016.

File photo: Piper Super Cub. Tail number is NOT the Palin's plane.

File photo: Piper Super Cub. Tail number is NOT the Palin’s plane.

The staff of US for Palin wishes Piper a happy 15th Birthday and a healthy, prosperous future, filled with love and high achievement.

Piper Jet

Piper Jet


Lynda Armstrong


Missy Stewart

Happy Birthday, Piper Palin! May all your wishes come true. Celebrate!



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