Happy 20th Birthday Bristol Palin


Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin, who was named after Bristol Bay was born October 18, 1990. The time of her birth unknown.

Bristol is a chip off the old block in terms of resilience, and accomplishments. What we have born witness to in the past few months alone is nothing short of amazing.

Bristol has over 8600 Facebook friends and is closing in on 9,000.


She is a teen, women’s issues and advocacy advocate through Single Source Speakers.

And…today, she gets to celebrate her birthday by dancing the Jive in Week Five of Dancing with the Stars.

Bristol’s birthday also falls out on Alaska Day.

On this day – Bristol’s Birthday – in 2008, Gov. Palin performed a comedy routine with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live.

The staff of US for Palin wish Bristol a Happy 20th Birthday, and many more years filled with health, joy, love, and prosperity.

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  • Kristen

    Bristol’s middle name is Sheeran, not Sharon.

    • Ron Devito

      Thank you. I fixed it. Got Sharon from an LSM report months ago. Should have known not to trust them.