Happy 22nd Birthday Willow Palin


Happy 22nd Birthday Willow Palin

Willow Palin on the beach, spring 2016

Happy 22nd Birthday Willow Palin – Ron Devito

Willow Bianca Faye Palin was born this day in 1994, missing July 4th by less than 24 hours. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was a Wasilla City Councilwoman on Seat E and a hockey mom on the PTA at the time. Willow was named after Willow Creek – a small Alaskan community where gold was discovered in 1867 – and Willow Bay, one of Gov. Palin’s favorite sports reporters. She wrote in Going Rogue, pages 66 and 67:

“Because Todd was on the Slope a lot, the Carter family usually babysat Track and Bristol during the Monday night meetings. Later in my first council term, the kids started school and I got involved in the PTA. Then our third child, pretty little Willow Bianca Faye, came along. I went into labor with her on the Fourth of July while kayaking with the Menards on Memory Lake. I so wanted a patriotic baby that I paddled as hard as I could to speed up the contractions, but she held out until the next day. After she was born, I took Willow to council meetings with me, toting her in her car seat and rocking her next to my legs under the old wooden council table. I didn’t care too much what the good old boys said about it either.”

In Gov. Palin Predicts Media Boobery on Breastfeeding, I recounted what Gov. Palin wrote in reference to nursing Willow in a Snugli while cutting a radio ad. The relevant paragraph is also on Page 67 of Going Rogue.

Now, today, 22 years later Willow has transitioned into a strong, fiercely independent adult woman who may some day smash glass ceilings with her own sonic booms. She is a licensed cosmetologist and hair stylist. Her hair styling business is doing well, and Willow almost always fills her chair with clients. She accepts hair styling inquiries via an email addressed posted on her Instagram account.

Willow has done her mom’s hair for TV appearances and events, for instance the Today Show in November 2013.

Willow co-starred with her sister, Bristol, and Joan and Melissa Rivers on Celebrity Wife Swap. She graduated from Penrose Academy. Four years ago, she co-starred with Bristol on Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Willow Palin

File Photo: Willow Palin (rear, second from left) celebrates Bristol’s (rear, third from left) graduation from Penrose Academy, April 8, 2014. Photo was taken in Arizona.

The staff of US for Palin wish Willow a happy 22nd birthday and a future filled with love, joy, health, and abundance.

Happy 22nd Birthday Willow Palin – Lynda Armstrong

Happy Birthday, may God Bless you.

Happy 22nd Birthday Willow Palin – Missy Stewart

Happy birthday, Willow. I hope the coming year brings you much health, wealth, and happiness. Celebrate!

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