Happy 78th Birthday, Chuck Heath, Sr.


Happy 78th Birthday, Chuck Heath, Sr. – Ron Devito

Happy 77th Birthday, Chuck Heath, Sr.

Seventy eight years.

Over three quarters of a century.

Chuck Heath, Sr. has seen a lot in his lifetime and has yet more to see. He’s born witness to one of his children making history and today locked in a 100-year war for the soul of the Republican Party. Chuck Heath, Sr. has himself been part of American history. Along with his wife, Sally, he toiled on Fresh Kills Landfill keeping pests away as recovery workers sifted human remains out of debris following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Chuck Heath, Sr.

“has never slowed down in his search for new experiences and adventures: from the mountains of Alaska, jungles and savannas of Africa, remote tropical islands, rural Asian communities, Australia, Europe, Central America, etc… he never slows down. He is usually packing for his next trip before he’s finished unpacking from his last one,” his son wrote in The Porch, three years ago.

Anything the Heaths wanted, they had to work for and earn. They’re not wealthy – even today. But, he fulfilled his Manifest Destiny, and Gov. Palin likely got her courage and grit from him.

Over quarters of a century. The spirit of a little boy. Today, we pause to honor Chuck Heath, Sr.’s birthday, and the experiences, vistas, and dreams still yet to be.

Happy 78th Birthday, Chuck Heath, Sr. – Lynda Armstrong

Happy 78th Birthday



Happy 77th Birthday, Chuck Heath, Sr. – Missy Stewart

Happy Birthday, Chuck. Wishing you much health and happiness in the coming year.



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