Happy Birthday Todd


by Lynda Armstrong, Sarah Palin…The Teacher’s Daughter


Todd Mitchell Palin was born in 1964 in Dillingham Alaska. There is not a-lot about the early years of his life, but from what one does pick-up is he was raised in a family that taught that life is not always easy and you must find that inner-strength that helps you face adversity.

His grandmother is one quarter Yup’ik. Maybe, it was she who taught him how to be the husband, father and man we have come to know as Todd Palin. Was it his grandfather and maybe great-grandfather who taught him to fish, to work with hands and know is okay to stand by your wife? Somewhere within this family, he was taught to be strong and also have compassion. He was taught how to love and give of himself.

“Life will test your integrity. There is a cost for doing what’s right.” – Todd Palin

He is a strong man who knows who he is. He has worked the cold and harsh elements of the North Slope, he fishes Bristol Bay and races 2000 miles across Alaska on a snow machine. But when he is home, the hands that had pull fish or held onto a snow machine might comb a child’s hair or change a diaper. Always he is there by her side as Sarah became who she needs to be.

Happy Birthday.

May God Bless you.

This article was written by a Guest Contributor to US for Palin.

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