Happy Fifth Birthday, Trig Palin: A Boy and His Dreams


Trig Paxson Van Palin was born five years ago today at 0630 / 6:30 AM AKDT.

by Lynda Armstrong, The Teacher’s Daughter…a Tribute to Sarah Palin Facebook Group

Four years ago I wrote a happy birthday message to Trig…. I asked him, “little boy what are you dreaming about?” Now, it is his fifth birthday and as I have seen in pictures of him, I know he does dream – this young gift from God….


Mom, today is my fifth Birthday. I know they told you I would not be perfect and it scared you, not because you didn’t want me but you did not know what to expect…. But you knew when they put me in your arms it would be okay…. I was perfect in God ‘s eyes…. As you looked at me, you knew I was perfect in your eyes…and dad and my sister ‘s. We were standing with smiles; I was their son, and little brother…. I could dream. I knew I would be loved….

Mom, as you sit by the fire holding me next to your heart forgetting the day and its worries, singing a soft lullaby as I drifted off to sleep…. I am your son.


Daddy, as you pick me up and throw me into the air always catching me, taking me for rides on your snowmachine …. What fun we have….I am just your son….

My big brother Track rides me on his strong shoulders …. I am just his little brother….


I like playing with Tripp my uncle, but he is my friend who shows me how to do all kind of kid’s stuff…. I am just his friend….

Image Trig%2B12.jpg

My sisters teach me to play and read to about animals, planes and trains. How they help me learn …. I am just their brother….

Grandma Sally and Grandpa Chuck give great hugs…. I am just their grandson….

Mom, you were scared but you gave me life…. I am your son….

I dream, laugh and cry. You see, I am not “different.” I am Trig, and God made me. He put a smile in my heart…. It is my fifth birthday….


Happy Birthday Trig from all of us who see your smile…. You have taught us how to dream…. You are a beautiful gift from God.

This article was written by a Guest Contributor to US for Palin.

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