Bristol Palin: He Hasn’t Started High School, And He’s Taking a Stand


Bristol Palin today posted on Bristol’s Blog:


It’s hard to believe this can happen in America, but it has:

Jared Marcum is 14 years old. He just graduated the eighth grade. And if prosecutors in Logan, W.Va., have their way, he will be a convict before he can legally operate a motor vehicle.

Jared was thrust into the national limelight when, standing in the Logan Middle School cafeteria line, he refused a teacher’s order to turn his NRA T-shirt inside out to hide its image of a hunting rifle. In the principal’s office, he explained that the shirt was not in violation of school policy and that the teacher’s order was a violation of his rights. After consulting the school’s policy manual and putting in a call to the school attorney, the teacher conceded. That should have been the end of the kerfuffle.

But about that time, the local police chief arrived, accompanied by two officers. A little while later, Jared was accompanied out of the office in handcuffs. In the interim, says Ben White, Jared’s attorney, police had demanded that Jared sit down and be quiet. Jared did the former but not the latter, insisting on telling his side of the story. As his frustration rose, so did the officers’: One of them threatened Jared with a terrorism charge. When the officer insisted that he had a right to arrest Jared, the eighth-grader said he understood and respected this right — and held up his wrists. Officer James Adkins nonetheless cuffed him for “obstructing an officer.”

Read more here. Can you believe that? Way to go, Jared, for taking a stand!

UPDATE: Charges were dropped!

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