Heaths, Palins Support Gun Control….


Gun Control: The Heath and Palin Way

Gov. Palin Demonstrates Mossberg 500 Special Tactical Shotgun Control…

Photo retrieved from http://www.spalaska.com/. Annotations by Ron Devito

Shooting is a skill that demands great discipline and responsibility. This is even more true when a 5′ 5″ 120-lb woman is tasked with accurately shooting and properly controlling large caliber, high-powered weapons.

The recoil from a 12-gauge 3.5″ turkey shell or slug slams Gov. Palin’s shoulder and cheek with up to 70 pounds of force; that’s more than half her body weight in recoil force. Even the standard 2.75″ shells can hit Gov. Palin’s shoulder and cheek with up to 45 lbs of recoil force – just 15 lbs shy of half her body weight.

Sarah Palin and Her Father Hunt and Kill a Caribou retrieved from TV Replay

Gov. Palin Demonstrates Savage 7mm Magnum Rifle Control…





Todd Palin demonstrates control of from top to bottom: Barrett REC-7, Beretta M-9 Pistol, Barrett MRAD, and Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun…

Bristol Palin Demonstrates H&K MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun Control…

Kier Heath, son of Chuck Heath, Jr. Demonstrates AR-15 Control….

That’s Gun Control We Can Support

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