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State of the 2016 Field

As this fund-raiser goes to press, we think this is a good time to have a frank conversation about the state of the 2016 field.

The only declared candidates on the GOP side are: Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL). All have received at least one Sarah Palin endorsement over the past six years. They are the subject of this SarahPAC fundraiser email.

Next in line are those legally exploring a run. They are: Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), Donald Trump (R), Jeb Bush (R), and Ben Carson (R). Exploratory committees do not necessarily lead to running. Walker and his Lieutenant received a Palin endorsement for their recall election. They are not referenced in this SarahPAC email. Walker is exploring a run; he is not yet running.

Sarah Palin is a 2016 hopeful. She expressed serious interest in a 2016 run the night before her Iowa Freedom Summit speech. In a subsequent Hannity interview, Sarah Palin said she would give a run prayerful consideration and consult with her family. She said indicators of action toward a run would be the hiring of additional staff. There have been no public announcements of any hirings as this goes to press. FEC filings for 1Q 2015 have not been released as of press time. FEC filings would show unannounced hirings.

Sarah Palin’s last public statement on running for any office was made at the Iron Dog 2015 finish line where she greeted her husband, Todd.

At the Iron Dog 2015 Finish, [KTUU’s Kyle] Hopkins asked her about running for local and state offices, Congress, and Senate. “You never know. This is home. We’re anchored in Alaska forever and ever….That’s a really good question. And Kyle, believe it or not, nobody ever asks me that. They ask, ‘Are you going to run for president?’ They forget we’re Alaskan.”

Running is…

Running is starting and maintaining an official campaign, filing the required FEC paperwork, making required filings at the state level, and making a public announcement of candidacy. Until such time as Sarah Palin does this, she is not running and cannot be held out as running. Should Sarah Palin form an exploratory committee, she is still not running and cannot be held out as such. She can only be considered running when she is officially and legally a candidate.

Fox News…

Sarah Palin is a paid contributor to Fox News under a contract. This is why she does not appear in their POTUS polls. US for Palin does not meddle in labor relations issues between Sarah Palin and Fox News. We do not badmouth her employer – EVER.

US for Palin and POTUS 2016

US for Palin is a political news blog not authorized by Sarah Palin or any other candidate or committee that supports Sarah Palin’s goal to advance the message of Reagan Conservatism. For nearly seven years, we have supported Sarah Palin as a VP candidate, a sitting governor, a media figure, conservative activist, “king and queen-maker.”

US for Palin will release verified facts pertinent to Sarah Palin’s activities as they become known. Only Sarah Palin and her political confidantes know her intentions. Even members of her immediate family do not know her intentions and have said this in the past.

Our answer to the question of whether Sarah Palin will run for President in 2016 is simple: we don’t know. Like everyone else, we won’t know until the day she announces her intentions one way or the other.

US for Palin will not endorse any candidates unless Sarah Palin announces a no-run and endorses a candidate. We will follow her lead, as we did last election cycle.

Now…without further adieu….

Help Defend Cruz, Paul, Rubio From Lib Media – SarahPAC



CHIP-IN to support SarahPAC and help support these young Senators fight the LIBERAL MEDIA’S SPINELESS LIES!

SarahPAC is determined to CONTINUE OUR SUPPORT for strong conservative leaders like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio after the recent announcement that they would run for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

The liberal media has been rallying to support Hillary Clinton in a combined effort to keep the GOP from winning the White House. They are afraid that these young GOP candidates have the ability to reach a more new and diverse group of voters that will secure the Republican Party for years to come.

The insiders bet against our candidates and the liberal media attacked them because they were too conservative. But with the support of the hard-working grassroots activists like yourself and SarahPAC these young GOP leaders fought and won races that the establishment thought they would lose.

We need to continue our message of strong conservative values, if you CHIP-IN just $10 our message will be seen by over 3,000 people or if you CHIP-IN $25 our message can be seen by over 8,000.


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Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee

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  • How bout we just elect Sarah? None of these guys can beat the evil witch. Sarah could. She has been out there stumping for you guys,show your gratitude to the LADY that SHOULD be the first Woman POTUS.

    • Hoping they will when the time is right, AGREE with you 100%. AMEN

  • Thanks for sharing. I had this in my inbox, but didn’t have a clue how to share it!

  • PALIN for PRESIDENT 16/20! Amen

  • MJUdall

    It says News Editor authored this. I wonder which person associated with this blog actually wrote this out. If I had to bet money on it, I’d guess it was Josh Painter, who already has moved on to supporting Ted Cruz.

    I think that I’m done with this site and other Palin “support” sites. I’m tired of those who claim that “we don’t know what she’s going to do” but you seem to always talk down to us little people as if you do.

    You’ll be a real lonely bunch if she doesn’t run this time as I do not think the majority of her supporters want to see her continue to support people who turn out to be disappointments instead of offering herself up as a candidate.

    I believe if she doesn’t step forward and offer herself up as a presidential candidate and leader of the conservative movement or the party, then her influence will be diminished. This is something that those who continue to support her as she “doesn’t need a title” to influence the debate. Sorry, but she actually does.

    Take care.

    • MJ,

      For the record, Josh Painter did not write the notes above the SarahPAC email. I did. It’s News Editor, because the main content – the SarahPAC email is – not mine. No one is “talking down to anyone.” I wrote facts and provided background to support them.

      If you are looking for a draft site, US for Palin is not for you. If you are looking to hear someone screaming “I know she’s running and I’m the reason she’s running,” US for Palin is not for you. If you’re looking for “art of war” strategery, US for Palin is not for you.

      If you’re looking for Palin news – US for Palin is for you. That’s the bottom line. We report Palin news and we support her whether she runs for President, a local office or decides she’s going to run in the New York Marathon.

      As for backing candidates, from the closing:

      US for Palin will not endorse any candidates unless Sarah Palin announces a no-run and endorses a candidate. We will follow her lead, as we did last election cycle.

      Whether she needs a title to influence the debate is not for you to decide. It’s for her to decide. She will decide it as she sees fit – your opinion and mine notwithstanding. She knows her base wants her to run. But the final decision is hers – not yours and not mine.

      Good luck in finding a Palin site that’s to your liking.

      • MJUdall

        Ok whatever.

      • I think more people need to take a deep breath and looks at things for what they are. The only one that knows what the future holds is Gov. Palin. I will always support Gov. Palin because she is just that Gov. Sarah Palin. Whether she is holding a political office,being local dog catcher or speaking at CPAC she is my voice for my Conservative values and beliefs.

  • Sarah, disappointed you support Rubio and Cruz. You have to know they are ineligible for President.

  • Sarah, disappointed you support Rubio and Cruz. You have to know they are ineligible for President.

    • falling321

      Sarah Palin has not yet endorsed anyone for president. Her endorsement was for the current elected positions and they are certainly eligible for those positions! As to Rubio and Cruz’s eligibility for a presidential run, there is serious disagreement on that and we do not know which side of the line Sarah Palin falls on…and neither do you.

  • obama has done treason he went againt the law him and hillary put them in JAIL

    • Obama would have to be charged via the impeachment process just like for high crimes and misdemeanors. Clinton is already out of office. The odds of either being charged with treason is almost nil and even Sarah Palin has not called their actions treason.

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