How Odd: Details Emerge About AZ Shooter and Giffords, None…


The Wall Street Journal has been kind enough to publish an article that looks at the actual facts and background the Arizona shooter, divulging details about the freak’s past, including what happened at the 2007 meeting between him and Giffords. Other details of his decline are also discussed which, weirdly enough, have absolutely nothing to do with politics or Sarah Palin. I know, shocking.

As the orgy of blaming Palin and ‘crosshairs’ and ‘inflammatory political rhetoric’ continues, the actual tipping point for the AZ shooter seems to have been a breakup with a girlfriend, drug abuse and resentment at Giffords for what he thought was a disrespectful response at a 2007 ‘Congress on Your Corner.’

In one of the rare stories that doesn’t mention or blame Sarah Palin or the Tea Party, we get a clearer look at the alleged gunman and what seems to have sent him on his rampage Saturday morning. And, surprise, it wasn’t Palin, political rhetoric, or ‘prejudice and bigotry.’

Suspect Fixated on Giffords

Accused Gunman Went to Congresswoman’s Event in 2007; ‘I Planned Ahead’

A safe at Mr. Loughner’s home contained a form letter from Ms. Giffords’ office thanking him for attending a 2007 “Congress on your Corner” event in Tucson. The safe also held an envelope with handwritten notes, including the name of Ms. Giffords, as well as “I planned ahead,” “My assassination,” and what appeared to be Mr. Loughner’s signature, according to an FBI affidavit…

Mr. Loughner had complained to a friend about how he was treated by the Arizona lawmaker during an event several years ago, which aggravated Mr. Loughner, according to the friend…much of Mr. Loughner’s free time was devoted to the school band. He wasn’t especially political, Mr. Marriotti said, though he expressed frustration with the Bush Administration…

But around the 10th grade, Mr. Loughner seemed to have “a mental downfall” following his break-up with a girlfriend…”his friends changed from people like us to more, drug oriented people I suppose.” […] Friends say by his junior year Mr. Loughner used drugs, and his grades slumped…

Mr. Loughner went “through a tagging phase” in 2009, said Mr. Montanaro, painting graffiti, using phrases from literature. He also would sit in unlocked cars, he said, until the night he was chased off by one car’s apparent owner…Mr. Loughner later enrolled in classes at Pima Community College, where he became disruptive and unstableOn his first test, Mr. Loughner wrote “Mayhem Fest!!!” in large letters, Mr. McGahee said.

Mr. McGahee said he tried to remove Mr. Loughner from class on several occasions, but college officials didn’t agree. Pima College spokesman Paul Schwalbach said the school didn’t notify law enforcement officials about Mr. Loughner because he didn’t appear to be a threat…Mr. Loughner raged against the government and the Constitution and discussed “terrorism.”

An Army spokesman confirmed that Mr. Loughner “attempted to enlist in the Army but was rejected for service.” A person familiar with the matter said he wasn’t accepted because of a failed drug test…Mr. Montanaro said his friend “was never really political,” but “really tried to be philosophical.” Mr. Loughner liked “contemplating the meaning of words and the origin of language,” Mr. Montanaro said.

That interest might have triggered Mr. Loughner’s first meeting with Ms. Giffords in 2007. Mr. Loughner said he asked the lawmaker, “How do you know words mean anything?” recalled Mr. Montanaro. He said Mr. Loughner was “aggravated” when Ms. Giffords, after pausing for a couple of seconds, “responded to him in Spanish and moved on with the meeting.”

To recap: It appears Loughner was a mentally and emotionally unstable drug addict who, according to friends, was affected by the breakup with a girlfriend and became fixated on Giffords after she responded to him Spanish after his question about language. Multiple friends note he wasn’t political, but became increasingly unhinged over the years, with drugs likely playing a role in the decline.

One could also question the reticence of Pima Community College to take more serious action against someone whom to so many appeared to be dangerously unstable.

Right now two congresspeople are exploiting this tragedy, still, for political gain. In the name of “stopping the hate” and toning down the environment which they say made this happen, Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill and Rep. Rep. Robert Brady, a Democrat from Philadelphia,

told CNN that he also plans to take legislative action. He will introduce a bill that would make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress.

Of course, that law would protect only members of Congress. All us regular people are on our own.

Let’s get real, here. If we are going to ban things that “made this happen,” why stop at one or two things? Why not go after everything that set the maniac off? We can start with girlfriends, all drugs (oh wait, those are banned, my bad), asking Congresspeople questions, and then answering those questions in Spanish, the Constitution and the U.S. Government. Oh, and also Jews (isn’t always the Jews?) and babies, both of which other reports indicate he didn’t like very much. Oh yeah, other people in general, and of course, George W. Bush.

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