HS Student’s Tenacity Wins Gov Palin Graduation Speech



Getting former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to speak at the Republic High School graduation was an idea born in an English class discussion Tyler Weyer, senior class president said on the Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. Initially, the students considered other teachers or a prominent member of the community. When Gov. Palin was suggested, both English teacher Mike Lust and debate coach Liz Bremner advised Weyer to “start now.” He said Bremner was “an amazing influence” through his high school career and helped him tremendously “through the entire Palin process.” He knew the odds, but pursued the dream with steady determination and made it reality.

Weyer wrote a letter on school stationery, signed by the principal Shawn Anderson and sent it off to Gov. Palin’s parents – Chuck and Sally Heath. He got a response from a Palin aide thanking him for the invite and saying, “we’ll see what we can do.”


Some months passed then Weyer and the senior class posed in school sweatshirts with a banner that read, “We want you, Governor Palin.” The school librarian Kelly Scriver posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter, Gov. Palin saw it, and agreed to speak. Weyer then exchanged emails, followed by a conference call with Gov. Palin’s scheduler.

Weyer said, “Sarah Palin is pretty popular in our class….when she ran for Vice President in 2008, I was personally blown away….she came from a small town like Republic, was able to rise up and become governor of a state and was able to run for Vice President. That’s not an everyday job.”

He shared her resume with his class, and they joined him in support. He did a Sarah Palin skit each year in debate class. “It really says something about her character that a national prominent figure would come to speak to a graduating class of 27.”

He said Gov. Palin would appreciate a town like Republic, since she has spent her life in small towns.

Weyer said his family, friends, the school, and community have expressed surprise, shock, excitement and pride over Gov. Palin speaking. Some have offered lodging for her. Gov. Palin turned down offers to speak at major colleges and universities. She is also covering her personal expenses for the Republic speech.

Weyer plans to study political science and said his school has has had serious discussions about history and current events. Gov. Palin’s commencement address will be the most significant event ever held in Republic’s gym, though the school has a state-recognized basketball and volleyball team and a solid athletic program.

The principal reason Weyer supports Gov. Palin is because he “truly believes she feels in her heart what every ordinary American feels,” and she speaks to issues that affect everyone.

Gov. Palin recognized Scholla’s Exclusive: Palin’s Mother Discusses Cherished Mother’s Day Moments with Sarah in a Facebook Status and Tweet. “Thank you so much, Governor. It is an honor to be recognized by you, and it was a true pleasure to interview your mom. What a great lady,” Scholla said.

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SarahNET Radio Teaser, Downloadable Audio

Tyler Weyer is on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Weyer and his classmates wanted Sarah Palin to speak at their high school graduation in Republic, Washington and thanks to some good old fashioned sticktoitiveness, the Governor has agreed. Palin will address a graduating class of 27 students next month. Weyer tells Kevin why Palin was the choice for his class and he discusses the reaction around the small tight knit community. Sarah Palin pulls no punches when discussing the Obama administration’s failures regarding the IRS and Benghazi. Plus, Palin endorses Jason Smith in Missouri and comments on the Gosnell verdict. Also, a Mother’s Day bear hunt and Sarah Palin showcases Kevin Scholla’s article on Sally Heath. Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well.

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