In Touch Weekly: Bristol Palin Leaves Show Biz, Returns to AK


Photo retrieved from and courtesy of In Touch Weekly.

Bristol Palin has left the bright lights, glitz and glamor of Hollywood and returned home to Wasilla and her old job as a receptionist at an Anchorage Dermatologist’s office, she said in an exclusive interview given to In Touch Weekly. She is temporarily living in an apartment underneath her mom’s TV studio. “It’s great having Bristol here,” Gov. Palin told In Touch. “She makes good decisions, and she’s always thinking long-term about her and Tripp’s future.”

Bristol’s turning point came last September when a patron at a Los Angeles bar launched an unprovoked hate-filled attack against Bristol and her family. With three-year-old Tripp getting ready for pre-school, Bristol wanted to get him settled into a normal routine where he could enjoy the great outdoors.

The London Daily Mail earlier today reported on this story, embellishing it with their own fabricated details and misspelling “Wasilla” with two “s’s”.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservative4Palin for lead to original In Touch story.

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  • Jan

    I always believed it was ODD that TMZ had cameras rolling at Saddle Ranch while the heckler screamed such vile hatred. It was also ODD that it appeared that Saddle Ranch management did nothing to stop the heckler. It was also ODD that TMZ got the only interview after the incident with the heckler. My family will not be spending our money or time at any of the Saddle Ranch chop houses in CA or AZ. We will not be riding TMZ's tour bus, watching TMZ's TV show or reading TMZ's blog. That incident makes us believe they do not want our business.

    • Jan,

      Do you have definitive proof to back up your statements re: TMZ or Saddle Ranch?

  • MarklovesSabrina

    Jan, supposedly it was for the phantom "reality" show. She was with a camera crew….per her friend with whom has now moved on to a music deal and renewed his show. Why would he lie?

    • My understanding is that the show will in fact air despite rumors to the contrary. In Touch is reliable and has interviewed Bristol before. The London 'bloids are not to be trusted.