Iron Dog 2015 Finish – Sarah Palin on Trail, Future, More


Iron Dog 2015 Finish

At the Iron Dog 2015 Finish, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told KTUU’s Kyle Hopkins, global warming had nothing to do with trail conditions, and if there is a way to serve Alaska, that is her first priority.

Iron Dog 2015 Finish - Team 11 - Palin and Huntington in 9th Place

Iron Dog 2015 Finish – Team 11 – Palin and Huntington in 9th Place

Todd Palin and Huntington are in 9th Place in the Iron Dog 2015 Finish. Iron Dog winners consist of Champions followed by winners from second to fifth place. In this Iron Dog 2015 Finish, it might be said that merely finishing with both racer and snowmachine in the same condition as they started in is a win. Palin and Huntington did that.

Snow-less Trails…

This year’s Iron Dog race was bedeviled by hundreds of miles of snow-less trails and rough terrain. “At the very beginning, being there in Big Lake, that was crazy. We needed puddle boots instead of our Sorels that day and bunny boots,” Sarah Palin said. During her travels to Florida and Washington, D.C., she followed the race online and kept contact with Todd. He told her how “absolutely brutal it is this year. And I was telling these guys, I said, ‘If even Todd was admitting that it was brutal, the conditions, then it has to be because he never complains. So really tough conditions, but these crazy Iron Doggers, I think they thrive in these conditions.”

Palins at Iron Dog 2015 Finish

Iron Dog 2015 Finish – Left to Right: Willow, Sarah, Todd, and Piper Palin

Cheating Death…

Team 22 sunk their snowmachines in Golovnin Lagoon as the ice disappeared under them while they barrelled along at 93 mph. They skipped along the waves for a mile – a move that could have gotten them killed. The team could have died within minutes from hypothermia from their bodies being submerged in the icy salt water lagoon.

Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat…

“Todd did send one picture. 250 miles with no snow, just frozen solid, their suspensions just getting clobbered, their backs and their bladders and kidneys getting just thrashed. They asked for it,” Sarah Palin said.

One of Palin’s brief former partners – Eric Quam along with Scott Faeo are the Champions. Scott Davis, a long-time partner of Palin’s came in second with Aaron Bartel. But Davis’ second place win came at a high cost. He suffered two major crashes and told KTUU he felt his ribs out of place. Out of the 37 teams, 16 have scratched, including two young women and one team with a 65-year-old racer.

Iron Dog 2015 Finish - Sarah Palin on Trail, Future, More

Sarah Palin waits in Fairbanks at the Iron Dog 2015 Finish for her husband, Todd. His team came in 9th place.

Global Warming? Absolutely Not

On the notion that global warming affected trail conditions, Sarah Palin said, “No, absolutely not.” She said cyclical changes are happening worldwide. In her husband’s 22 years of racing, “other years have been pretty bizarre too,” she said. “It’s just mother nature,” and a big part of what makes the race so tough and competitive.

A Special Breed of Cat….

Though Sarah Palin has gotten cocky and considered running a trail class, Todd’s challenge to do a 100-mile training run is enough to dispel the idea. “It takes a special breed of cat to be out there in these conditions. It’s really, really, really tough,” she said.

Anchored in Alaska Forever

At the Iron Dog 2015 Finish, Hopkins asked her about running for local and state offices, Congress, and Senate. “You never know. This is home. We’re anchored in Alaska forever and ever….That’s a really good question. And Kyle, believe it or not, nobody ever asks me that. They ask, ‘Are you going to run for president?’ They forget we’re Alaskan.”

H/T Lynda Armstrong, Sarah Palin…the Teacher’s Daughter for KTUU Interview



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