Long Island gets personal with Palin


The Long Island Association hosted Governor Sarah Palin at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Thursday in Woodbury, New York for their annual luncheon, giving Long Island and myself the opportunity to get personal with Palin.

This event was particularly significant for Palin as it was unlike many others she’s participated in. The former governor did not deliver a speech standing behind a podium. She didn’t appear in her home studio for a FOX News appearance. But instead, the former Governor participated in an informal Q & A with the president of the Long Island Association, Kevin Law. Two chairs were front and center on stage and the casual sit-down felt like an everyday lunch where the topics on everyone’s minds were tossed around the table—including the budget, debt ceiling vote, a government shut-down, gun control, and, of course, 2012.

Palin didn’t have a star-studded arrival. In fact, it was very low-key. She arrived with her entourage, none other than her daughter, Bristol. In fact, if you blinked, you might have missed Palin walk onto the stage with the board members of the LIA. She held her head high as the National Anthem was sung and cheered on the Color Guard as they displayed the flag.

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