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Make way for Sarah Palin

Make way for Sarah Palin. She “has real solutions based on time-tested truths,” State of Daniel said. “Thanks to Sarah, I’m ready for Hillary, you’re ready for Hillary.” He said, “once again, the media are wrong when it comes to all things Sarah.” He called her Iowa Freedom Summit speech “amazing and a precursor to an historic campaign,” which he said would end in her being the first woman to be President of the United States.

As we wrote, no one knows if Sarah Palin will run.

“Sarah Palin is to the media what garlic is to a vampire,” he continued. “The media that call Sarah Palin stupid can’t even distinguish between fiction and reality,” he said citing a picture they ran from the fictional movie Game Change rather than a picture of the real McCain and Palin. The media slammed as “bizarre” a quote from Martin Luther King that Sarah Palin used in her speech.

He said, “you have to take a Palin campaign seriously. She can raise a a heck of a lot of money. She has a huge following, and she’s been through a national campaign….She’s built an entire career around being underestimated.”

Make way for Sarah Palin…

He watched videos of her old debates and was “blown away.” He said it was a side of Sarah Palin the public almost never sees. If Sarah Palin were to run, he is convinced that she would shine in a live debate.

“Conservatives need a woman to run. It would steal Hillary’s thunder. Conservatives and libertarians need to be the first at breaking some sort of cultural barrier and glass ceiling. It’s time that we make way for Sarah Palin.”

“Is it bizarre and extreme to want a balanced budget? Is it bizarre and extreme to believe in the Constitution, liberty, and commonsense? No!”

“This is why Sarah Palin draws huge crowds at speaking engagements while Hillary Clinton speaks to half empty rooms.”

“Sarah Palin, you have my vote.”gubernatorial

Make way for Sarah Palin…



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  • I think so .

  • Sarah for President!

  • Don’t ever underestimate the Power of Sarah Palin. I have listened to all her speeches and been in the audience she has a way of speaking to the heart of people who are working hard to support their families and are tried being lied to. She has a record of turning Alaska problems around; I believe she could correct many problems Obama has caused. Sarah is a warm and caring person where. Ever. she goes she greets people with a warm smile and looks you in the eye shakes your hand with a sincerity.