Mark Kelly’s Shameless ‘Political Discourse’



Tuesday evening, Second Amendment foe Mark Kelly, sent the following tweet in response to the deadly accurate video released by SarahPAC:

As Twitchy pointed out:

Sadly, it seems that Kelly is still clinging to the debunked myth that “violent rhetoric” from Sarah Palin’s political action committee was responsible for the shooting of his wife, Gabrielle Giffords…

The connection between Sarah Palin and Jared Loughner was a fiction propagated by talking heads like Keith Olbermann and eventually picked up by President Obama himself, who insisted it is “important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” This is the same president who would later note that “voting is the best revenge” and urged Latinos to “punish our enemies.”

This isn’t the first time Kelly has sunk to this level. Back in 2011, Kelly agreed when Piers Morgan suggested that Governor Palin should have taken some responsibility for horrific shooting of his wife. While this defies reality to anyone who knows what happened to Kelly’s wife, the political animals on the left still “cling” to this narrative in an effort to demonize their political opponents. “The ends justify the means,” as they say.

The irony of Kelly’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Steve. Twitchy linked up his response to Kelly, which read:

Yes, the man Kelly supports, the man who brought us death panels, Mr. Barack Obama, wants to bomb Syria. But see, in the uber political, metaphor-less world of Mark Kelly, it’s Governor Palin who’s the one “mixing” up the “violence.” Nice logic.

It takes a special kind of scumbag to use the attempted assassination of your spouse for political gain. To twist reality, blame the innocent all for nothing more than a pat on the head from power players of the political and media establishments. The man works cheap.



Stacy Drake is the editor and publisher of: and is a conservative political activist based in San Diego, California. Stacy is graphic artist and animator in the world of the national news media. She has worked for over ten years in the field of graphic journalism. Stacy has been a supporter of Sarah Palin's since before her selection as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election. She originally read about Governor Palin's energy policies in 2007 and has followed and supported her ever since.

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  • He truly is “Lost in Space”!!!!

  • This man is a disgrace. He’s also stupid to allow the scum in the White House to allow him to be used in this manner…

  • The war mongering progressive wing of the left accusing Governor Palin of invoking violent political rhetoric to advance her purposeful message? Oh, that’s rich. I feel tingly knowing that this “peace loving” uber – hawk is clearing a path for honest discourse of obamacare. LOL. Everyone knows how tolerant the left is when it comes to different view points and not sneakily pushing their big government takeover agenda.

  • The same peace – man hippie left that covered up gun running to the Mexican cartels, lied about IRS targeting, and covered up NSA eavesdropping, is the same group that lied about the contents of obamacare. Let’s tweet bomb him with the facts.

  • JohnBoehner for
    BoehnerCare!! And for illegal immigration!!

  • Sounds like he’s been in outer space, too long.

  • I think he is embarrassing himself. I respected him as a NASA man, but he has erased that respect for being dishonest…

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