McCain Manhattan Greets Sarah Palin at SNL


On October 18, 2008, I met with the McCain Manhattan group so we could greet Sarah Palin at Rockefeller Center. We were hoping for a meet and greet, but it was never to be….We had several impromptu rallies throughout the day. We did get a fleeting glimpse of Sarah in her truck – and we saw her wave as she came up 49th St. I saw her for literally a fraction of a second. The sight of my fat butt leading the charge of supporters around the block down to 50th near Rockefeller Plaza was something to behold…..and when I finally made it around, she was already in the garage, and I was out of breath.

Co-supporter, Amy (ScrabbleLover on McCainSpace) was with me in the second photo and connected me with McCain Manhattan; therefore making my presence possible.

Our Sarah sighting lasted less than a second, like Concorde the former Queen of the Skies passing overhead. But…we spent over four hours rallying, mixing it up with people on the street, handing out literature, posing for pictures, etc. There were some Obama supporters, but they were respectful. No “c-bombs,” no violence, etc.

We waited by the garage door where Sarah had entered…and our impromptu rally was full of joy and verve – it had the same feel as when she stood on the street in AK campaigning for Governor. It was great to be out there….and the good news is…we had more people coming up to support us than not. There were 50 of us there. And…a guy from SNL came down to pass us a message – Sarah knew we were there and wanted to thank us for our support….but she was also going to be there very late – for us not to wait out in the cold for all those hours.

If what I witnessed is any indication, Obama does not quite have NY locked in the bag as he may think he does. This doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We need to keep working, volunteering, and spend some time OFF the computer, doing human networking.

The only negative to yesterday is that Sarah’s presence among us was so fleeting, but most good things in life are.

I am featured in this YouTube video from 0:29 – 0:31 and again from 4:04 – 4:10.

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