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Building America’s Future is a case study on Sarah Palin’s power as an endorser and a leader. The video begins with a stunning admission by John McCain and lays out Sarah Palin’s Mission Statement. Four 2016 Presidential candidates – three of whom had Palin endorsements on prior runs for office – testified to her power as a leader. This video was produced by SarahPAC and reflects the PAC’s branding throughout. The “Grizzly Film Studios” moniker that graced the trailer is gone from the final release.

John McCain’s Stunning Admission

“I probably shouldn’t say this…usually the vice president campaigns in one area and the presidential candidate campaigns in another. I used to tell my campaign manager, ‘I want to do events with Sarah!’ Why did I want to do that? Because of the energy …. She energized our party in a way I never could have.

Mission: Support Others Who Seek To Serve - Sarah Palin

In the segment titled Servant’s Heart, Sarah Palin gave her Mission Statement: “I’ll work hard and campaign for those who are proud to be American, and who are inspired by those ideals, and they won’t deride them. I will support others who seek to serve.”

Prez Candidates Acknowledge Sarah Palin for Being Where They Are….

Rand Paul:

“She’s genuine….Sarah Palin’s endorsement helped to cement that we were the conservative in the race….I was still practicing full-time as a physician. We didn’t have a campaign office. We had a little closet in my office. We were in there one day and then Larry Hodge came in. He was a minister from Grayson county. Larry said, ‘what you doing?’ ‘Well, we’ve been trying to get a hold of the Sarah Palin people. We’d like to get her endorsement.’ And he said, ‘I’ll take care of that.’ He walked out…so he went home and wrote a personal letter to her and sure enough, she read it, was moved by his letter and called him up and about two or three weeks later, he came in and said, ‘we’ve gotten Sarah Palin’s endorsement.’… you run statewide, millions of people vote, and you think ‘this has to be done by television, this and that. This was one individual taking it upon himself to write a personal letter to a famous person and it may well have made the difference.”

Ted Cruz:

“I love Sarah Palin. She has courage….I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Governor Sarah Palin. She is fearless. She is principled, and she is a mamma grizzly….I was at 2% in the polls. We didn’t have a prayer, and at the absolute pivotal moment, Gov. Palin came down to Texas. She stood with Heidi and me on that stage in her cowboy boots, standing and telling Texans ‘we can stand together. We can turn this country around.’ It transformed that campaign….”

Carly Fiorina:

“Willing to speak her mind and stand up for what she thinks is right….”

Donald Trump:

“She’s making people think, and she’s very popular, including with Trump.”

Mission: Support Others Who Seek To Serve - Sarah Palin

In Building America’s Future, Sarah Palin lays out her mission to campaign for others who want to serve.

Mission Statement – Support Others Who Seek to Serve

In the segment titled Servant’s Heart, Sarah Palin gave her Mission Statement:

“I’ll work hard and campaign for those who are proud to be American, and who are inspired by those ideals, and they won’t deride them. I will support others who seek to serve.”

“For more than six years, Governor Sarah Palin has led SarahPAC to be one of the boldest conservative action committees in the nation, supporting underdog candidates who are leading the fight to restore America,” the narrator said. A parade of elected officials testified to Sarah Palin’s success in her mission to get them where they are.

Sarah Palin’s overall endorsement success rate since 2009 is 60.43%. In 2014, her overall endorsement success rate was 59.46% and an astounding 82.35% for the general election candidates. The 2014 General Election Winners Circle had 22 candidates.

Her 2010 endorsements allowed Republicans to re-take the House and last year lead to a re-take of the Senate and keeping of the House. No endorser in either party approaches her numbers. Sarah Palin is highly successful in her mission.

Senators, Reps…

Sen. Tim Scott – Amazing Impact:

“Sarah Palin jumped into the middle of a very contentious runoff, and it just created a wellspring of support. It was an amazing impact. She was one of the few people who actually had the courage to take a stand at that time.”

Rep. Paul Gosar – Winning from a Field of Nine:

“I was in a field of nine in the primaries. To have Sarah’s support and backing brought a whole new era to our campaign.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch – Endorsed by Two of History’s Greatest Conservatives:

“I wanted her endorsement more than anybody else’s. Keep in mind that I’m the only one in history who was pre-primary endorsed by Ronald Reagan. Sarah’s endorsement was in my opinion, equally important. I had two of the greatest conservatives in the history of the country endorse me.”

New Energy for America

“Any PAC can write a check or run an ad. Few can inspire and motivate millions across the country like SarahPAC can,” the narrator said about the PAC executing Sarah Palin’s mission.

Fight Like a Girl

Mission: Support Others Who Seek To Serve - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin campaigns for Joni Ernst in 2014. In Building America’s Future, she said her mission is to campaign for others.

This segment spoke about the power of conservative women, using the words, “Support, Honor, and Elect,” which were the acronymn for the now defunct SHEPAC. The segment focused strongly on the endorsement of Sen. Joni Ernst, who was endorsed via both SarahPAC and SHEPAC.

“Sarah Palin has grown the Republican tent, raising important new voices to the top of the GOP. Her perseverance and strength have been an inspiration to conservative women and few have done more to support, honor, and elect conservative women than Sarah Palin,” the narrator said about her mission.

“Women are half the nation. Women are 53% of voters, and so our party has to be as diverse as the nation we hope to represent. We need women engaged in the political process, running for office and pursuading others to vote,” Fiorina said.

Sen. Joni Ernst:

“Having that endorsement meant a lot to me, and what a great time we had when she came to Iowa. We had a rally in Des Moines, and we had Gov. Kay Orr, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, and of course, Gov. Sarah Palin Palin. It was fantastic having such strong conservative women all together.”

All three pro-life women in the U.S. Senate had Sarah Palin’s support, as did all conservative women governors: Jan Brewer (AZ), Susana Martinez (NM), Mary Fallin (OK), and Nikki Haley (SC).

Restoring America Together

Sen. Ben Sasse – Like a Big Hug for All Who Were There

Mission: Support Others Who Seek To Serve - Sarah Palin

Sen. Ben Sasse said Sarah Palin’s rally was like a big hug for the 1,000+ people who were there. Sarah Palin said her mission is to campaign for others who want to serve.

“We were living off a bus. We have three little kids, and we’re traveling across the state, going town to town to town doing these town halls and Gov. Palin decided to endorse us and then she doubled down on that by agreeing to come and do one of our rallies. The dynamism that she brought to the place was really special. The little kids that were there – there were a few special needs folks at the front of the rope line and the way she fled right to them and threw her arms around them; the way she wanted to get to know people who were volunteering on our campaign – she just took the necklace off her neck and gave it to one of my daughters as a little memento. She made everybody feel special. She believes in the dignity of people. She’s just so genuine. It was like a big hug for the 1,000 people who were there.”

Sen. Pat Roberts – Electric

Mission: Support Others Who Seek To Serve - Sarah Palin

Sen. Pat Roberts described Sarah Palin as electric. She has said her mission is to campaign for others.

“We were running a pretty good campaign, but when Sarah came in, the whole thing turned. People got excited about it. Her endorsement was a real validator of my conservatism, and obviously it made news across every town in Nebraska….When you see her in person, it’s electric. She walked in the room and the place just exploded out of affection. Just so many people will come up to her and shake her hand or for that matter just touch her. She’s a person that people want to meet; she’s a person that people want to hear, and they’re excited to be there. Everybody had a good time. I gave one of my better speeches according to my campaign, because I was charged up. I really enjoyed being around her. She’s just fun to be with. The best way I can describe it, and I use this word over and over again, and I’m sorry to do it, but she’s electric. When she’s in the room: all the difference in the world.”

One Nation

Fiorina, along with Sens. McCain and Cruz said SarahPAC’s donors are the to key to its success in carrying out Sarah Palin’s mission.

“I want to say thank you to people who are supporting Sarah. She is a major voice in America, and she needs our support….on Election Night (November 4, 2008), I never thought things would get as bad as they are today. So, Sarah needs support now, more than ever,” Sen. McCain said.

“we the people are the heart of SarahPAC. I want to say thank you for fighting for my children, for your children and for this country that we all love so much,” Sen. Cruz said.

“you make a big difference: one dollar at a time. One person at a time. One conversation at a time. OK, $5 doesn’t sound like a lot maybe, but $5 multiplied many times can make all the difference in the world,” Fiorina said.


Gov. Palin is a Transformational and Servant Leader. Her principal base of power since July 26, 2009 is “referent,” which is leadership theory-speak for political capital and influence. Building America’s Future is a real world embodiment of Sarah Palin’s leadership and mission. Sarah Palin continues to lead as a private citizen following her motto of, “you don’t need a title to make a difference.” Citizen Sarah has re-shaped the U.S. House and Senate; and state houses across the country. She continues on her mission to campaign for others who wish to serve.



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