More 2016 Goodness – Sarah Palin, ExtraTV – SEE IT


More 2016 Goodness – Sarah Palin, ExtraTV

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More 2016 Goodness – “I will bet you anything that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told ExtraTV in an interview. “In fact, your host – Mario Lopez – I will bet him the best home-cooked dinner ever that it is Hillary.” Lopez responded, “I like that bet! It’s on! I look forward to moose or whatever you’re cooking for me. Thank you.”

As the segment closed, Gov. Palin was asked if she will run for President in 2016. “Never say never. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. There are still many months to go,” she said.

All the declared candidates and exploratory committees had started gearing up four to six months prior to their launches – and in some cases upwards of a year. Sarah Palin has not taken a single action we are aware of toward launching a campaign. The first debate out of nine sanctioned by the GOP is August 6th, and the second one is September 16. The Iowa Caucus is February 1, 2016. Prior to the second debate, candidates must have ops on the ground in two early states. Candidates must prepare for primaries and caucuses. They must have teams of volunteers in all 50 states, D.C., and the territories gathering signatures to get their names on the ballot during the filing periods.

You can follow the complete timeline of her 2016 actions and statements, which also includes lists of declared candidates (10 as this story goes to press), exploratory committees (4 as we go to press), rules and admission criteria for the first two debates, and key dates in the 2016 election.

More 2016 Goodness - Sarah Palin, ExtraTV - SEE IT

More 2016 Goodness – Sarah Palin predicts Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee and says “stranger things have happened,” on her own possible run.

Duggar Family

Privacy breaches and media hypocrisy drive Gov. Palin’s passion on the Duggar family issue, she said. The entire Duggar family has suffered for the bad actions of their son. Meanwhile, Lena Dunham – a self-described sexual predator who used her sister for “sexual experiments” is rewarded with fame and fortune.



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  • I hope Sarah would run in 2016 but it is looking more and more like we must move on at least for this election cycle. It looks like it would be a major undertaking to get prepared for a run much less get into that first debate. Sarah will always be my #1 and I will continue to support her regardless of what she does today, tomorrow or 2 months from now.

    • CoolChange80

      Sarah Palin i s running for president in 2016 . If she wasn’t she would have said so by now. Sarah Palin is waiting until after the Ames straw poll and the FoxNews first debate

      • We had this conversation before. Until she files FEC 1 and 2, and declares she’s not running. She’s not holding herself out as running. Bush, Trump, and Walker are not running. Maybe after 6/15, 16, and 30 respectively they will. They are not now.

        Who told you she’s waiting until after Ames and the 1st debate? Evidence please.

        The people who are running and who are in the top 10% of the polls will be in the first debate. Debates are for declared candidates.

    • Agree, Indiana, but for us to move on, she needs to stop teasing the run and be forthcoming and straight with her intentions. As long as she continues to tease a possible run, she is leaving this as unfinished business. Much of base will not back a candidate while she holds herself out as a potential run.

      • CoolChange80

        If she wasn’t she would have said so by now. #Palin2016 . She’s waiting .

        • Waiting for what?

          Prove your case.

        • ThePresidentsClub

          Yes…she’s waiting until she can milk her supporters for as much SuperPac money as she can before finally announcing that she’s not running. Just like she did 4 years ago.

          • SarahPAC is not a super PAC and its funds can’t be used for a run.

            Though I am a hardcore supporter I’ve given my unvarnished opinion of how she’s handling her potential run or no run as the case may be.

          • ThePresidentsClub

            You know that, and I know that. Unfortunately, most people don’t. As a result, they give to her SuperPac thinking that it will somehow be influential in her decision to run. In fact, in the past SarahPac has sent out fundraising material that’s designed to leave the distinct impression that giving to her SuperPac will have a direct impact on her decision making process.

          • If you know SarahPAC is not a super PAC, why do you call it one twice again in your follow-up comment? SarahPAC is an unauthorized qualified non-party PAC if you want the full definition. The only PACs that are authorized are those run by campaigns for an office and only authorized PACs may bear the person’s name. It’s questionable to me as to whether that means complete name or any part (first or last) of a person’s name. Another conversation for another day.

            To keep things simple – SarahPAC is a PAC without any adjectives in front of it. It’s not a super PAC. It’s also not a leadership PAC as is commonly misstated. A leadership PAC is led by a candidate for or a holder of a federal office. SarahPAC was founded when Sarah Palin was still a sitting governor – a state office, and she has not run for or held a federal office since the PAC’s founding in 2009.

            I am aware of the fund-raiser you mentioned. I ran it here on this site when it was released….and I’m aware of how it was received.

            I find that allegation that she “milked supporters” to be a standard hater’s talking point.

          • ThePresidentsClub

            It seems as though you’re correct…it’s a PAC, not a SuperPAC. When I said, “You know that, and I know that” I was referring to the fact that funds donated to her PAC can’t be used for a Palin Presidential campaign. Regarding my belief that she “milked her supporters” for several painful months before finally announcing in OCTOBER that she wasn’t running, you say hater’s talking point, I say obvious fact. Not sure how it could be argued otherwise. She could have very easily come out far earlier and told people that she wasn’t running, but she waited until the very last practical moment to do so. Of course, that was AFTER she was able to rake in large sums of money during and after her bus tour.

          • Let’s get SarahPAC out of the equation here….SarahPAC money goes to down-ticket candidates. The same type of letter was sent earlier this year and it barely got attention. The bus tour was a wonderful thing and I had great moments during it. SarahPAC’s financials have been pretty steady over the years – 2011 was not a “rake in” year compared to others.

            What happened was not in my opinion about money or PACs.

            During the years leading up to 2011 many in the community – and I was one of the guilty ones – built up grand narratives around Sarah running – the same narratives you see now. We became vested in these narratives and somehow, they ended up becoming “hers,” but they were never hers. We had foisted them on her and made them “hers.” So, when her no-run came the whole house of cards crashed down on us like an imploding building. It certainly wasn’t over one fund-raising letter, which many supporters took issue with, truth be told. This was years in the making.

            In 2011, Sarah Palin did hire a foreign policy adviser and a chief of staff. She did hire a law firm to research filing dates. She delineated five-point military and economic plans. Something changed in the later weeks after her Indianola speech, and the rest as they say is history. While there was a good deal of teasing, there were substantive actions taken at least on some level toward a campaign launch. By this time in 2011, everything but the economic plan had been laid out. The primary debates were later that cycle as was the convention.

            This cycle, everything is two months earlier.

          • Badgers

            ” they were never hers”

            Oh please. She kept/keeps the tease going as long as she can. ThePresidentsClub get it right.

          • She has not spoken about a run since this Extra interview. Some people have the delusional fantasy that she is “already running,” “waiting” or other variants of thar theme. I shoot that down all the time and in fact banned a fellow Palin supporter here for spamming the issue, among other things.

            She’s taken not a single step toward a run that we can see, and I would consider “stranger things have happened” more highly dismissive of her own potential run than a tease.

          • Badgers

            She hasn’t spoken of it because the media has finally stopped giving her the chance. In the past she has always carefully worded her answer so that she is noncommittal but still gives hope to the hopeful. And yet nothing that she’s done since 2009 has actually been toward higher office. I appreciate that you you aren’t part of this charade though

          • We learned from 2011. We just published news 15 minutes ago that her fourth book is coming out in November. The odds of a run are poor at best.

          • Badgers

            …. Because you think she’s actually writing that book? Don ‘t kid yourself. Someone else will.

          • OK, now you’re just taking a swipe at her, and you’re also going into a different direction than what this story is about. Sarah Palin fully wrote Going Rogue out of journals she kept. America by Heart does contain a lot of outside material, and that’s because it is a cite and reference book. Good Tidings is all Sarah. This book coming out is by definition cite, reference, and expound. I don’t want to get into the weeds about her books.

            The bottom line as it pertains to 2016 is that Sarah Palin did not spend the past four to six months prepping a campaign like those who are actually running did. Her time was spent at least in part on this book. If there is a book signing tour (and we don’t know that yet), that pretty much nixes “Palin 2016.” She can’t run a campaign and simultaneously run around the country signing books. It’s not humanly possible, and I don’t even know if it would be legal. I don’t know of any President in the past 50 years from either party who went on a book signing tour while campaigning in a primary season.

          • Badgers

            Ron, it seems you’re unaware that Going Rogue was ghost written by Lynn Vincent and Good Tidings by Nancy French. Fully wrote??? All Sarah???? Nope.

          • Sarah Palin acknowledged Lynn Vincent in Going Rogue for “helping her put words to paper.” Going Rogue is Sarah Palin’s memoir, so the content and thoughts are hers. Lynn Vincent collaborated with her but that does not rise to “ghost-writing.” The book recounts Sarah Palin’s life as she lived it. Vincent helped Sarah Palin take her journals and put them into the manuscript that ultimately became the book.

            Sarah Palin acknowledged Nancy French in Good Tidings for her collaborative efforts similarly. Once again, that does not rise to ghost-writing.

            Not discussed by you, but worthy of mention – Nancy French is a full-on co-author of Bristol’s Not Afraid of Life. French did much of the heavy lifting on Bristol’s book; Palin supporters in the know would be hard-pressed to argue otherwise.

            If you wish to say that Vincent’s and French’s collaboration with Sarah rose to ghost-writing, so be it; I’m not going to entertain that further.

            The subject of this article – and what you responded to – is a potential Palin 2016 run. As of today, July 8, there is not a shred of evidence to suggest that Sarah Palin has taken a single step toward a campaign launch. “Serious interest” does not equate to “serious commitment.” She has not even set foot in any early state outside of Iowa this year; has not spoken at nine out of 11 events that would put her on a campaign footing; has not hired additional staff; and has not fund-raised; and does not even appear in any poll, thus disqualifying her from the debates at this time. She clearly – spent a significant amount of time – with or without collaboration – on her fourth book – not on a campaign launch. That is not a slam at Sarah for other Palinistas reading it. Those are hard facts.

            I’ll stand corrected in that Sarah Palin did have collaboration in writing two of her books; she acknowledged it herself. But, I consider “ghostwriting” to be a slap at her and it is not something I will say as a supporter of hers. We agree on the subject of “Palin 2016.” Let’s agree to disagree on “ghost-writing,” and leave it at that.

          • Badgers

            Sure. Nancy French and Lynn Vincent ” collaborated” with Sarah Palin on those books just like Nancy French ” edits” Bristol’s blog.

            I do totally agree on there being no real evidence Palin actually plans on running for office.

      • That is spot on Ron!!!!

    • CoolChange80

      She’s running , have faith .

      • When I hear the declaration and see the filed forms 1 and 2, I’ll believe it. Until then it’s talk with nothing to back it up. Sorry. I’m calling a spade a spade on this.

      • ThePresidentsClub

        Jump off a tall building and flap your arms wildly. You’ll fly. Have faith.

  • CoolChange80

    Sarah Palin i s running for president in 2016 . If she wasn’t she would have said so by now. #Palin2016 . She’s waiting .

    • ThePresidentsClub

      Isn’t that the same thing that everyone said 4 years ago?

  • CoolChange80

    Notice the re-occurring theme with Sarah Palin in regards to 2016 , she mentions there is a lot of time . She’s right .

    • No there isn’t. Check the dates and what it takes to launch a campaign.

  • jerseyflash

    “I WONDER “IF” SARAH PALIN KNOWS HOW TO RUN OR LAUNCH A CAMPAIGN ?????………Really ????…….there seems to be some “soothsayer’s among us….. would everyone feel OK if she told everyone that asks her “Are you running” ????to go to the back of the line…..a NEW coined statement from a candidate when asked a question…….why is “a lot” of Sarah supporters getting their panteeeee’s all knotted up ??????……
    If Sarah Palin screws-up a campaign launch…….she doesn’t deserve the POTUS…..someone tell me other-wise !!!!!!!!!!!!……
    Sarah Palin “45”…..”Trust and Truth”……… betcha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The issue is not her knowledge or ability to run a campaign. Of course she can do it! The question revolves around her intent to run one.

      Sarah Palin is a public figure who holds herself out as a potential candidate. It is right that her base would ask her to back her words up or release us to support candidates who are actually running. No one in her base held themselves out to be a potential run. So, the hypothetical flip of her asking us does not work. We are not the leaders here; we’re supporting the leader – and we are looking to her for leadership.

      As for “Get to the back of the line,” I would not have supported Sarah Palin for seven years if she carried on like that and the day she does is the day I cease. I would not accept “get to the back of the line from anyone,” and I mean anyone – and I absolutely would not support anyone who does that.

      No one has anything knotted up. What you are seeing is skepticism based on having traveled the old dirt road before. When we’re in June on a campaign schedule that’s at least two months earlier than the prior cycle and we’re being told “many more months” and “stranger things have happened” – knowing how 2011 ended – yes, guarded and skeptical is a natural reaction to have.

      It boils down to: “when I see it; I’ll believe it.”

  • PALIN for PRESIDENT 16/20! Amen

  • Badgers

    Regarding this video, surely Palin knows Lena Dunham was 7 years old. Yet she and “Bristol” continue to spread this lie, claiming she’s worse than Josh Duggar. It’s despicable. Kudos to Lena for just ignoring them.