Mr.L: I’ll Tell You What’s The Matter With American Politics


In his most recent segment, Mr. L reiterated his assertion that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin needs to run in 2016 to clean out the bad blood in the establishments of both the Democratic and Republican parties. The respective establishments are favoring Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, the latter being a RINO who is on record as saying, “I used to be a conservative.” Gov. Palin would represent the Country Class, while the other two represent the Ruling Class, a theme that Mr. L has been consistent on.

RINO Book Signing for Low-Information Voters

He devoted the remainder of the segment to CSPAN’s four-hour long coverage of a book signing at the Key School in Annapolis, Maryland featuring “Democrats Lite” Michael Steele and Mickey Edwards. Both men are moderates and part of the “No Labels” movement. Mr. L said we should not be compromising with the left; we should be destroying them.

Calling Out Abortion is Right Thing to Do

Mr. L also slammed former Palinista Tammy Bruce for decrying the conservative calling out of Kermit Gosnell as making us look like “self-righteous jerks,” and “smug jerks.” Gosnell snipped the spines of live babies born after his botched abortions and threw their tiny bodies in toilets while they were still breathing. Now is the time to call out the wrong of abortion and to stand on our principles. He referred to Congressman Chris Smith who said “if Gosnell shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news,” but since he killed them via abortion, we hear crickets.

RINO / Moderate / Establishment Dismal Failures

In his conclusion, Mr. L recounted the dismal failures of the establishment / moderate / RINO GOP, beginning with President George H.W. Bush’s reneging on his promise to not raise taxes. Edwards, who was on this book signing panel geared toward low-information voters said “anyone who keeps his promise to not raise taxes is childish.” Mr. L spoke about George W. Bush’s over-spending, mismanagement of the Iraq war, pushing of amnesty and adoption of liberal policies and the nomination of McCain, which gave us Obama’s first term. Romney “the electable one; he lost; he couldn’t close the deal; $100 million and he lost” gave us Obama’s second term. “Another moderate from a long line of them and they say, ‘we’re too partisan.'” Obama is “the most hyper-partisan, the most hyper-political president we’ve ever seen.”

No Compromise with the Left, RINOs. Destroy Them!

“I don’t want to compromise with the left. I don’t want to compromise with people who bash Margaret Thatcher at her funeral….I don’t want to compromise with people who attack Rick Warren when his son commits suicide tragically. I don’t want to compromise with liberals in the media who rush to blame right-wingers for the Boston terrorist attack, even though they were Chechnyan Muslim.

“I don’t want to compromise with a man like Obama who gets up at what is supposed to be a somber memorial and turns it into a pep rally or an Elmer Gantry revival show….No, I don’t want to compromise with these freaks. I don’t want to compromise with the RINOs who wish to enable the left and look the other way and attack us for doing what they should be doing as leaders of the opposing party. I don’t want to compromise and work with them. I want to destroy them.”

Mr. L’s Synopsis

After watching CSPAN’s Book TV panel with Michael Steele and Mickey Edwards, I know what’s the matter with American politics—its politicians and political figures like them. And if they are not the problem with American politics as a whole, they are the main problem with the Republican Party. These two men on this panel are the personification of why the pejorative term RINO was made. These men still believe that running moderate republicans is the way to win elections and save America. Question: How many times do you want to run moderates and lose before you understand that isn’t working? We should not comprise with leftists who are destroying the country. We should not compromise with these fake republicans who wish to enable the left’s bad policies instead of a pushing back at them like a real opposing party.

We should not compromise or work with them— we need to destroy them.

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