Mr.L: On Liberal-tarian Doug Mataconis’ Palin Derangement Syndrome Episode


“Listen, I’m not the only one who sees through this putz,” Mr. L said about the unhinged PDS-afflicted Doug Mataconis. “You check the website – The Other McCain – Stacy McCain the blogger. He’s had run-ins with this guy. People see through it. They know who he is.”

He continued, “The guy had it out for Sarah Palin for the longest time. And, listen – I’m not saying everyone has to like her, but at least give the woman an honest second look. Look at her record. Look at her accomplishments over a 20-year career. She did more in a half-term for her state than most governors do in full terms. I’d take half of her term than a full term of Obama any day. I mean, she helped pass and she signed major legislation, major reforms, major energy legislation. She took on an entrenched, corrupt system on both sides that went back for decades. Tax reform. I mean, the list goes on, and on, and on. So, I’m not saying everybody has to like her or praise her, but at least give her a second look! At least look at the woman’s record! Don’t look at liberal talking points that Doug – Douggie Mataconis wants to repeat over and over again!”

Mr. L also questioned why we’re talking about 2016, saying that we are setting up a repeat of the lead-up to 2016.

“Listen. I think that Sarah Palin if she wants to jump into a race two or three years from now, the only person who is going to be able to do that is Sarah Palin. People tell me that we need to get her name out there. Her name is already out there. Everyone knows who she is. You’re better off defending her against morons like this Mataconis and talking about her record than trying to project her name into the 2016 dialogue every chance you get. Listen, to put her name out there early is just to set her up in my opinion.”

“This is a woman who likes to do things off the cuff and she likes to surprise people and she likes the shock and awe, and if that’s her plan – please – stop drawing attention to her, because if her plan is shock and awe, she wants to remain under the radar for as long as possible. But like I said, talk up the record. Battle with these fools like Doug Mataconis. All Doug can offer – all people like Doug can offer is not an honest look at her record. All they can offer is the same tired talking points from the left and the Beltway Establishment.”

Mr. L. said Gov. Palin’s enemies know the “thin resume” and “lacking substance” talking points are untrue. He said that Gov. Palin has star power and if she did enter a Presidential race, she would diminish the other candidates in the field. “She is a serious campaigner,” he said. He harkened back to Gov. Palin’s Indianola speech in which she first used the term “crony capitalism.” He recounted how Texas Governor Rick Perry got into trouble over that very issue with Merck and Obama with Solyndra. He referenced other highly substantive speeches Gov. Palin has given, such as this year’s CPAC keynote and a military doctrine speech after the SEALs killed bin Laden. Tony Lee of Breitbart called that speech, “one of the best foreign policy doctrine speeches I’ve ever seen a politician give in 20 years.”

Mr. L in his synopsis wrote:

My response to liberal-tarian Doug Mataconis’ blog displaying an acute case of Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome. Mataconis attacks LA Times writer for writing a positive piece on Palin. He once again attacks Sarah Palin with usual unsubstantial liberal media Beltway establishment talking points. Why does Doug attack good conservatives on his blog, but treats a treasonous president Obama with kid gloves? Why is Mataconis so hung up on the issue of gay marriage? Why are people talking about 2016 already? This and more.

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