New Video Explains Gov Palin’s Transformational, Servant Leadership


US for Palin and NY4Palin this afternoon released Sarah Palin’s Leadership Style, a PowerPoint presentation professionally narrated by Kevin Scholla, host of the Palin Update on SarahNET Radio. The presentation examines the two leadership styles that define former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership. It examines the Charismatic style and why she is not a Charismatic Leader, her bases of power and contingencies to her power. The presentation concludes with Gov. Palin’s current vision, mission, and strategies.

Whether Gov. Palin pursues elective office in the coming years or chooses another path, Transformational and Servant Leadership defined her executive experience and will define her future.

Scholla and Devito are the Pennsylvania and New York (respectively) State Coordinators for American Grizzlies United / Organize for Palin.

Editor and Publisher, US for Palin; LAN Infrastructure PM; IFR PPL; fishing, shooting.

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