Palin Highlights – August 19, 2016


Sarah Palin’s current 2016 endorsement success rate is 93.33% on down-ticket candidates and 75% on Trump. We’ll post a complete update of her primary endorsement successes and calculation methodology after the August 30th primaries have been completed.

We shared 11 Cute Ways Sarah Palin Will Always Win.

Paul Gosar (R, AZ-4) is honored to receive Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

The General Manager of Trump Winery – Kerry Woodlard – told Mama Grizzly Radio about her RNC speech, what it’s like working for Trump, and about the highly successful winery that bears his name.

Plus, we have a complete run of Palin family posts.

Let’s get to it…

11 Cute Ways Sarah Palin Will Always Win.


She’s full of class and grace. Sarah Palin is simply a badass. She is powerful but still fun. Slay queen!…The following moments capture how she slays everyday. Check out this recap of the top reasons we heart Sarah Palin.

Gosar: Honored to earn the endorsement of conservative stalwart Sarah Palin


Establishment Republicans (Wall Street and K Street agenda dictators) have teamed up to take out true commonsense conservatives. The Tea Party wave of 2010 sent a class of hard-hitting conservatives to Washington, DC, and those who kept their promises have had a positive impact.

Trump Winery GM Tells Mama Grizzly Radio About RNC Speech

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Audio Track Running Time: 35:19

Kerry Woolard is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Woolard, the general manager of Trump Winery is here to talk about her impressive RNC speech, working for Donald Trump, the highly successful winery, and much more. Plus, Sarah Palin endorses Rep. Paul Gosar for Congress. Also, Palin points out a very unsavory guest at a Hillary Clinton rally and she highlights the USA Olympic team. A brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas is featured as well. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

Special Moments


First day of 2nd grade for my babes!! and first time I’ve seen Tripp in jeans all summer #hecould


& my chunkalicious 😍😍😍😍


hit the jackpot😻

Facebook Statuses, SarahPAC


America’s hard working legal immigrants poll in favor of vetting!

There are some things that blood, sweat and tears in arduous workouts just can’t prepare you for

Good for Trump; the WIMPY thing for a boss to do is NOT can someone when it just isn’t working out. It’s all about accountability

Revealing…Obama’s ‘Response’ To Louisiana Flooding VS How Bush Responded To Katrina In 2005

Usain Bolt’s Olympic Wins Have Americans Remembering the Time He Showed Our Anthem Mad Respect

A lesson in real American compassion…

A great American – and a mama grizzly!

USA athletes work so hard in Rio… then return home to find Uncle Sam wants a (big) piece of it. What’d he do to earn it?? Unbelievable.

Tone Deaf Politicians Endangering Americans

Holy Geez… and I Can’t Even Touch My Toes

Back-to-School Week post that helps restore faith in humanity

First day of school! It’s still quite the “event” even after all those other “First Day of School!” times with our big kids. God bless all America’s students & teachers as we kick off the new school year!

The Politically Correct types don’t want to talk about this – Leading cause of death among minorities is abortion.

Gotta love rooting for the underdog! What a journey… a true American comeback…

America! Winning Again!

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