Palin Highlights – August 5, 2016


The host of Up All Night discussed her support of Donald Trump on Mama Grizzly Radio, plus we have a complete run of Palin family posts.

US for Palin Statements on Dakota Meyer’s Anti-Trump Posts

US for Palin Drops Dakota Meyer Content over Anti-Trump Posts

Context on our Decision

USA Network “Up All Night Host” Stumps for Trump on Mama Grizzly Radio – HEAR IT


Audio Track Running Time 37:24

Rhonda Shear is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Shear, known best for her time as host of USA Network’s ‘Up All Night’, is here to discuss her support for Donald Trump. Shear has endorsed the Republican nominee despite the pressures of the entertainment industry to do otherwise. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with model, comedian, and patriot Rhonda Shear. Also, Sarah Palin urges Americans to see ‘Hillary’s America’, the new film from Dinesh D’Souza. Plus,a brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas is featured, and Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman in Missouri is showcased. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

Special Moments

Sunday funday w/ my maaaam #shesagrandmaandlooksthisgood #wtf

Facebook Statuses, SarahPAC


After Haters Bash Her Husband Over Kids and Guns, Bristol Palin Shows Exactly How Much She Cares

Happy Birthday US Coast Guard! And Thank You!

‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ – signing MOU for boating safety with the US Coast Guard in Governor’s office. Alaska has over 33,000 miles of coastline (more than the entire “lower 48” states combined), more than 3,000 rivers, and more than 3 million lakes. Boating safety is paramount here. The men & women of the US Coast Guard are “Always Ready” for the challenge. Thanks to all our Coasties and their families for honorable service and sacrifice. Semper Paratus!

What an inspiration – and a wake up call for what goes on in America’s streets…

Clint Eastwood weighing in… drops the bomb on slackers.

Good! Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Paul Nehlen

Crowd Cheers Clinton Call to ‘Raise Taxes on Middle Class’

Obnoxious drunk, meet a real man flying from Kentucky!

Media’s despicable double standards in covering fallen soldiers’ families at the conventions… what a sinful difference.

Gun Owner Who Saved Cop’s Life Gives Gripping Reason Why He’s the One Who Should Be Saying Thank You

Americans ARE “confused” alright. Confused about her refusal to accept any responsibility for failure.

If truth-telling just isn’t your thing, then we’ve got your candidate.

After Watching ‘Clinton Cash,’ You’ll Understand Just How Fat Of A Fat Cat Hillary Is

We can ignore the rhetoric we’re hearing and instead share heart-warming stories like these.

I guess I just ❤️ men.

Chuck Heath, Jr.


Chuck Heath, Jr. shared:

Friend in the fireweed today

Remember when mud puddles were this fun?

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