Palin Highlights – September 9, 2016


Sarah Palin reflects on the passing of Phyllis Schlafly. She helped Samaritans Purse with Operation Heal Our Patriots this year. Todd Palin celebrates his 52nd birthday. We reflect back five years to Sarah Palin’s meet and greet at the Machine Shed in Clive, IA and her epic Indianola speech. Plus a complete run of Palin family posts.

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Phyllis Schlafly Loved Sarah Palin – HEAR IT

A special Mama Grizzly Radio rebroadcast- Grandmama Grizzly! Phyllis Schlafly loved Sarah Palin. Today we look back at Mrs. Schlafly’s memorable appearance on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. Schlafly was one of Scholla’s favorite guests of all-time. We pay tribute to this amazing conservative warrior with this special edition of The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. RIP Phyllis Schlafly.

5 Years Ago – Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin’s Restoring America, Indianola, IA 9-3-2011 – Complete

5 Years Ago – Gov. Palin Meets With Supporters in Clive, IA

September 2, 2011: CLIVE, IA – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd tonight held a special meet and greet session with over 150 supporters at the Machine Shed Restaurant. They entered the restaurant to a throng of reporters and supporters shouting “Run, Sarah Run!” Gov. Palin spent nearly 30 minutes shaking hands, hugging, and meeting with her supporters. She signed tee shirts, books, posters, and bare arms.

Special Moments

She makes even the worst days of my life better. I am the luckiest man in the world that she chose me. @bsmp2

Life is so much better with you by my side! @bsmp2

Daddy daughter lunch date at the park!!!! #beingadadisamazing #luckiestmanintheworld #soblessed

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Crosshairs – the Epitome in Media Double Standards

Another epitome in media double standards, in my opinion: A schizophrenic shoots an Arizona representative and the media goes berserk blaming me for the crime. That year’s SarahPAC electoral map had included a “target” icon, and media erroneously claimed it somehow spurred on the criminal.

The attack on the Arizona politician and innocent bystanders was beyond horrific, and many of us continue to lift up in prayer those who are affected by any unwarranted violence, as the nation witnessed that day in Tucson. Also unwarranted is the blame game liberals capitalized on then, as they continue to do today.

Back then, unable to defend myself with the obvious message that I had nothing to do with the shooting, and wanting to remind the media that using target icons in graphics is used universally by democrats and liberal media (including the liberal “Crossfire” news program), I finally disobeyed my employer’s directive (FOX News) to stay silent about the false accusations. Days after the tragedy I made my own video to post a defense, hoping to help exonerate ALL who are falsely accused.

The apoplectic media pinning me for the crime caused turmoil and threats that are inexplicable, stretching still to this day. I say this not to claim any sort of victimization, but to point out the power the media has to try to destroy someone’s career, reputation and spirit, by employing its common double standards.

This morning on MSNBC the liberal media once again features their “target” icon in their political graphics. And all is well in the lamestream media. Let’s hear it for consistency…

– Sarah Palin

Florida Town Rocked by Hurricane Hermine Received Some Unexpected Help When Trump RVs Showed Up

Who would YOU trust as Commander in Chief to surround themself with America-first, peace-through-strength, honest and selfless experts?

Mom, you’re doing right by your son and all of America, instilling respect for the flag. Thank you for this!

Teenagers loud and proud, spreading courage that emboldens all! (But wait, why must displays of patriotism be considered “courageous” nowadays? Let’s change that.)

I get a kick out of Piper sending me pics from Wasilla and Colony High School of students wearing their patriotic/pro-America garb, totally unafraid of showing love of country! I’d love to see YOUR pics of American pride.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Thanks for teaching us “we can do it ourselves!”
We love you very much,
From All of Us (including the dogs) ❤️☃(to do list)😎☀️

She Went Down Swinging! – Phyllis Schlafly

May she rest in peace.

Iconic. Heroic. No one can fill her sensible high heeled shoes. She opened my eyes to the rights and wrongs in worldly government back in my college days as she spoke about the Reagan era and all that Reagan’s pro-America efforts were doing for our great country. Many of us owe our political awakening to Phyllis Schlafly.

Our friend is now in the arms of her Lord, rooting for all of us – and expecting us! – to do the right thing.

– Sarah Palin

Amazing miracles in Alaska!

We LOVE this place; LOVE Franklin and Jane Graham; LOVE Samaritan’s Purse; LOVE, RESPECT, HONOR our heroes serving under the flag!

Operation Heal Our Patriots does exactly that.

Socialism is Slavery

Please read, especially, the many wise comments below this report on socialism’s ramifications.

Oh how I wish the Left would not deny that socialism is slavery. The uninformed would ignore history and even modern-day economic and cultural collapse of populations ruled under socialism – then totalitarianism – thus leading America to the same end.

The media won’t cover the path we are on back to the horrible days of some Americans being shackled while a “ruling elite” enslave and try to oppress our work ethic, our freedoms, and most significantly – our spirit. The path leads to a desperate population accepting globalism, requiring the dissolution of our entire foundation.

So we must do the informing.

This election can not be clearer in contrast: one party will restore freedom, the other will enslave you.


Hillary had a bad day…

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