Palin Open Thread – March 2, 2015


Palin Open Thread - March 2, 2015

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  • Sarah for President!

  • and we gave this up for “hands Biden” ???

  • joshpainter

    I believe Scott Walker is 2016’s Sarah Palin, i.e., he is the potential GOP candidate that the media/left fears most and is trying hardest to take out early in the process. They threw everything they had at him three times in Wisconsin, and he beat them every time, which has only increased the magnitude of fear and loathing of Walker by the left.

    CNN went after Walker this morning over his flips on a couple of issues. Don’t care what he was for or against in the past. Ronald Reagan was once an FDR Democrat, but he flipped on his entire way of political thinking and went on to become the greatest conservative and the best president this country has had in the modern era.

    I believe Gov. Palin will eventually endorse Gov. Walker’s bid for the GOP presidential nomination. I know that she and Sen. Cruz are very good friends, but as a former governor I think she will conclude that the 2016 GOP presidential candidate should be a governor — one who has dealt with many of the same issues she had to confront when she was Governor of Alaska,.

    What it boils down to is who is the most conservative candidate who can beat the establishment’s pick (Jeb Bush) in the GOP primaries and then go on to beat the Democrat’s pick (Hillary Clinton) in the general election. At this stage of the game at least, that’s Scott Walker hands down.

    – JP

    • Kal_Vernon

      It is my firm belief that Scott Walker’s candidacy has been promoted by the GOP Establishment with the goal being a Bush/Walker ticket. They could not get conservatives to show up and vote because of Paul Ryan on the ticket the last time. This time they are promoting someone who will be in the primaries. Walker will not defeat Jeb in SC or FL and he will be given the VP slot.

      If Walker actually believes that Obama loves America or is too afraid to say otherwise, he is not the conservative that we need in the WH.

      • Scott Walker is EXPLORING a run – and this is a very important legal distinction. He is not as yet running. An Exploratory Committee is just that. Donald Trump has hired staff in Iowa, New Hampshire, an election lawyer, as well as some staff. He’s met with the Koch Bros. and with Reince Preibus. See:

        Right now, no one is a declared candidate.

        As Palinistas, we need to give Sarah our first preference until such time as she announces a no-run. At a minimum, we must give her this. Thus far outside of her “seriously interested” statement, she has taken no public action toward a run. She may have taken private action that we don’t know about – though we doubt it, since she just returned home a few days ago from weeks of transcontinental travel.

        As for Scott Walker – I agree with Kal very strongly about this:

        “If Walker actually believes that Obama loves America or is too afraid to say otherwise, he is not the conservative that we need in the WH.”

        I was less than impressed when I saw that interview. He could not give a straight answer, when really the answer is perfectly clear. He should have backed Giluliani up, as Giluliani was 100% right. It’s the same thing Sarah Palin said almost seven years ago. Obama does NOT love America and only a blithering idiot would argue that he does.

        • joshpainter

          I seriously doubt that Scott Walker is the choice of the GOP establishment for anything. They want Jeb. As far as a running mate for Jeb is concerned, I don’t think they want any kind of a conservative, although they would probably accept one, but only if they can’t get another GOP progressive like Jeb to run with him.

          Just look at the last time the GOP had a moderate presidential candidate with a conservative running mate. It was Sarah Palin, and we all know how they treated her. I believe the GOP-e would much prefer Rand Paul over Walker as a running mate for Jeb.

          The reason? Rand is a libertarian, not a conservative. And as such, Rand has liberal views on social policy, which is exactly what the establishment wants. Sure, Rand’s a bit of a loose cannon, but the establishment would be willing to put up with him to get the youth vote they think he would bring to a ticket headed up by Jeb.

          No, Walker is not “Mr. Conservative,” but he’s conservative enough copmared to what we’ve seen from this GOP since 1988. I recall what Ronald Reagan said about accepting the 80% conservative. An 80%-er is best best we’re likely to get with today’s GOP.

          Bush41 was nowhere near 80% conservative, nor was Bob Dole, John McCain or Mitt Romney. Most of ’em were closer to 20%, imo. I would rate Dubya as about a 60% conservative and Rand at about 65%. But, Dear God, that other 35% of Rand is intolerable! Walker is at least an 80% conservative. In my book, he’s he’s an 87% or 88% conservative, which is exactly what Fred Thompson was. Fred was conservative enough, so why isn’t Walker? Unlike Fred, Walker has the fire in his belly to actually FIGHT for the job and the resilience to take the punches and still win the fight.

          Again, Walker has taken the worst the left could throw at him THREE TIMES in liberal Wisconsin, and he still beat them every time. We will need that kind of a winner to defeat Hillary, because she and Bill are going to slime whoever wins the GOP nomination.

          Well of course Obama doesn’t love America, but just try saying that on national TV and see how far you get toward the GOP presidential nomination. The answer is nowhere, man. Not only will the left wing burn you at the stake, but the moderates will be handing them the burning torches to get the job done.

          It’s just common sense to pull your punches when you’re running for president. No, it doesn’t make you 100% genuine, but if you don’t, you get Palinized. Your family will get Palinized along with you, and your little dog, too.

          Obama’s lack of love for America is not the issue that will decide the 2016 election, so why even bring it up? It will only get you destroyed, along with your political campaign. Those kind of questions are traps the left has laid out to catch outspoken conservatives like Sarah Palin and to kill their political chances. We can’t fall for these traps any more. It’s time for conservatives to get real smart and win the 2016 election. If they don’t do so this time around, the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

          – JP

      • joshpainter

        Kai, who in the Gop-e is promoting Scott Walker? From what I’ve seen, the only ones they’ve been promoting were Christie (at least before he stumbled), Jeb, Mitt (before he said he’s not running) and the usual other suspects (Pataki, Graham, et al).

        But I don’t follow politics as closely as I used to, so I may have missed it. If you have a link, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

        – JP

  • Suzette Rodgers

    Sarah will be the one, just wait for her.

  • Koma Kehuli

    Wish you will run for POTUS. We need your brand of Politics in today’s world.