Palin-Palooza with Rusty Humphries – SEE IT


Palin-Palooza with Rusty Humphries

It was a Palin-Palooza with Rusty Humphries, as the former Alaska Governor and her husband, Todd gave a wide-ranging “man in the street” interview at a Phoenix, AZ mall. She doubled down on her praise of Donald Trump and said we need to unify behind one candidate. But, she responded with a “never say never, it’s still early” when asked by Humphries about her own 2016 intentions. This was the same answer she gave to ExtraTV more than two months ago. She spoke about SarahPAC vetting candidates, and said listeners should contact her via the PAC.

The main revelation out of this interview for Palinistas: Todd said he would be racing in next year’s Iron Dog. Humphries said he still hurts and is still vibrating from a snowmachine ride he took decades ago.

Humphries described the Palins as friends. He had dinner with them at the mall and he conducted the interview after the dinner. The non-political teaser generated disgusting vitriol from haters who plagued Humphries’ Facebook Page.

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  • Wonderful Sarah Palin interview , she’s open to a 2016 run . Great job Rusty Humphries .
    @Talk2Rusty @SarahPalinUSA

  • Badgersss

    What’s with Sarah’s mouth?

    • As far as I know, she’s physically fine. The mouth movements appeared intentional to me – schtick. This was a more light-hearted, funny interview.

      • Badgersss

        She does that mouth stuff frequently now. It’s very strange.

        • Can you provide the start and end time stamp so I can be on the same page as to this “mouth stuff”?

          • Badgersss

            It’s throughout, but especially in the first part when they are on the escalator and most pronounced when she’s talking about the full time mom stuff

          • That’s a Schtick/mannerism she does when being humorous or emphasizing a point. She’ll also hit certain syllables in words harder.

          • Badgersss

            Looks more like a tic to me. Combined with the drastic weight loss I wonder what’s going on.

      • Richard Oberlander

        Watch John Kasich. His mouth makes weird twitches constantly.