"Palin: ‘We Haven’t Yet Begun to Fight’"


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Palin: ‘We Haven’t Yet Begun to Fight!’—Exclusive Interview with Breitbart News
In my research for the film I made on Governor Palin, The Undefeated, I was constantly amazed at the anti-establishment stands she took at every step in her rise to power. Moves that a conventional politician would run from, she embraced: in Wasilla, in Juneau, and in the rise of the Tea Party.

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Ed. Notes:

Following are salient points and quotes from Gov. Palin in this interview with Breitbart News:

Gov. Palin plans to jump out of her comfort zone and reach broader audiences, not merely preach to the choir. This is likely the basis of her decision to not renew her contract with Fox News.

“Focus on the 2014 election is also imperative. It’s going to be like 2010, but this time around we need to shake up the GOP machine.” She continued, “We’re not going to be able to advance the cause of limited constitutional government unless we deal with these big government enablers on our side. And this all ties into the problem of crony capitalism and the permanent political class in the Beltway. We need to consistently take them on election after election – ever vigilant.”

For her long-term future, Gov. Palin said, “the door is wide open.”

Gov. Palin said Obama’s first term was a very good predictor of his current one. About 2012 and lessons learned, she said, “Conservatism didn’t lose. A moderate Republican candidate lost after he was perceived to alienate working class Reagan Democrat and Independent voters who didn’t turn out for him as much as they did for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008. Granted, those same voters also didn’t turn out for Obama as strongly either.

Gov. Palin continued, “we had an election defined by a biased media plus millions of voters who sat it out in disgust. As long as we allow the media and GOP establishment to tell us who our nominees must be, we can expect to lose. I’m not interested in losing. America’s next generation can’t afford another loss.”

In answer to a question on whether the Tea Party movement is dead, Gov. Palin responded, “I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us.”

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