Palinista’s Daughter with 13 Hand Surgeries Saves Life on TX Road


Most Palinistas are probably familiar with Lynda Armstrong. She attended the Our Sarah book signing in Highland Village near Dallas, TX; The Machine Shed and Indianola; visited Alaska in 2012, and was at Gov. Palin’s 2010 stump speech for Susana Martinez who was running for Governor of New Mexico. Armstrong is the first woman to work in the field for a major oil company and plied her trade in western Texas. Armstrong, Mona Breed, and I administer The Teacher’s Daughter…a Tribute to Sarah Palin.

Working with a servant’s heart through pain to achieve a higher goal is what former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin does and is a standard of excellence for all her supporters to follow.




Lynda Armstrong’s daughter, Kimberley Gaskill today received a Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action from the American Red Cross for saving the life of a car crash victim by administering CPR. Gaskill, a Red Cross trainer, had 13 surgeries in her left hand for cysts, which made it very difficult for her to administer the CPR, but she focused on saving this person’s life and worked through the pain.

The Red Cross became aware of Gaskill’s heroic actions when they received an anonymous letter from the husband and wife who were towing a trailer to El Paso on March 9 on I-10 just outside the Sonora area when they lost control of the fifth wheel and flipped the trailer. Don and Kimberly Gaskill saw the wreck and stopped to assist.

“I was able to get out of the truck, but my wife was stuck,” the husband wrote. “With the help from angels, we got my wife out. One of the angels introduced herself as a Red Cross trainer and asked for permission to assist,” he continued. “She did first aid on my wife, made sure she was comfortable, and kept her talking until paramedics could arrive.” The couple had wrecked between Junction and Sonora, so EMS was far away. As Kimberly was talking to the wife, she complained of back pain, fell unconscious, and stopped breathing. Gaskill immediately performed CPR, and her actions saved the woman’s life. The Gaskills did not leave until paramedics took the victims to the hospital. “Please do something for our angel. She saved us,” the husband concluded.


Since 1906, every President of the United States has served as the Red Cross’ Honorary Chairman. In September, Gaskill will receive American Red Cross Certificate of Merit National Lifesaving Award, which is “the organization’s highest award for people who have used the skills they learned in Red Cross courses to help save or sustain a life.” The President’s signature goes on these awards.

Gaskill is Kindergarten Teacher at Adams Hill Elementary San Antonio Texas. Her husband, Don also received a Red Cross award for his role in helping the crashing victims. The Gaskills were traveling to Davis Mountain while on spring break from their respective school districts that day.

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