Pursuant Sports Pres Offers Fatherhood Tips on SarahNET Radio


Via Pursuant, Blakely put $26 million and two scholarships through pursuant sports, Robin Blakely said on the Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. He is a father with four children; his father was a coach. Blakely said coaches are a lot like fathers and his father taught him how to be a man. He said family is more important than work, and his greatest passion is being a father.

We noticed among many of his clients when a father abandoned them or passed away early there was a deep wound that affected these men’s abilities to do basic things in life, be accountable or treat women properly.

Blakely’s father was an accomplished D1 coach, and still managed to be a great father. As a coach, he treated all of his athletes like adopted sons. Blakely’s father was an adamant disciplinarian, but he was also very compassionate. He had players at the house all the time for various holidays because they needed a place to stay at and wasn’t afraid to give his children a hug.

Blakely’s tips for fatherhood include: spending time together with your children, praying together, putting up a basketball hoop and creating an environment where they’ll want to spend time at your house. He also recommends giving children nicknames and taking them out camping, and letting their friends sleep over. Everyone always wanted to come to the Blakely house and Blakeley knew who his son’s friends were.

He said a father should “always try to model for his children” how to treat the woman who might become their wife. Though his wife prepared the dinners, the children were expected to clean up after the meal, and they were not to sit until his wife sat. Talking back to her was never permitted; even though he loves his children, his wife always came first and he would tell his children, “you’re not just talking to your mother – you’re talking to my wife, and you’re not going to talk to her that way.”

Blakely would pray over his children, and said that there is too much passivity among fathers today. Fathers need to take a more active role in modeling their children’s lives, he concluded.

Steel Resolve: Intelligence Agencies Not Using Intelligence Intelligently

None of us were shocked that the NSA was gathering data on all of our phone calls, Sarah Steelman said as she opened her weekly Steel Resolve segment. She said American citizens are know the importance of classified information to protecting our national security, but do not trust the government which has already abused the information it’s been gathering. Intelligence agencies are not using their intelligence intelligently, and Steelman cited as her case in point: the Boston bombers. While these agency spied on us, they could not find known terrorists in our midst that the Russians had warned about.

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Robin Blakeley is on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Blakeley is a former sports agent and the president of Pursuant Sports. This son of a legendary basketball coach is passionate about fatherhood and he offers some great tips on raising kids the right way. Sarah Palin’s speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference is a smashing success. Governor Palin fights back after a brave solider is discriminated against. Laughs from Jay Leno and more hate from Bill Maher. A triumph in Pennsylvania for a sick little girl battling not only her condition but our government. Plus Palin calls out the players in the phone tap flap, Obama gets even more arrogant, and a big pow wow coming up in Arizona. Plus Palin recognizes Flag Day and reunites with the Fox News Channel. Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well. Listen NOW!

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