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Ready for Hillary….

High-end donors to SarahPAC received a fund-raiser letter – Ready for Hillary – in an envelope emblazoned with the Boston Herald cover, “Make Way for Sarah!” The sub-head, says, “GOP Strategists: A Palin ’16 Bid is No Joke.” US for Palin covered the Boston Herald article on January 25.

Ready for Hillary - SarahPAC

A Ready for Hillary – SarahPAC fund-raiser was mailed in an envelope emblazoned with a reduced Boston Herald Front Page Cover on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin being a strong 2016 hopeful.

The mailer cover is highly suggestive of a possible Palin run for President. But, the letter hearkened back to the Palin endorsements of Senators Cruz and Ernst. It called on donors to “to galvanize our majorities in the House and Senate by electing even more bold conservatives like Ted Cruz and Joni Ernst!” Other than referencing a “Clinton vs. Palin” newspaper headline, the letter did not discuss Sarah Palin running, exploring a run, or even considering a run. Rather, it spoke of how Hillary’s PAC used Gov. Palin’s Iowa speech to fund-raise. Hillary’s PAC is “scared to death of what 2016 will look like if conservatives get engaged and stay engaged through all of 2015 and 2016,” the letter said.

Points to Consider

It is important to note that SarahPAC is NOT a leadership PAC as is commonly misconceived. Per the FEC (p. 9 on the PDF), Leadership PACs are “directly or indirectly established, financed, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding federal office.” Sarah Palin was a sitting governor when she founded SarahPAC. She is not and has not been a candidate for federal office since the PAC’s founding. SarahPAC is a Qualified Non-Party PAC not authorized by any campaign or committee.

Further, per the FEC (p. 12 in the PDF), PACs may not contain the name of a person running for or holding a federal office. Because the core name of the PAC is Sarah, if she were to declare candidacy, only her authorized campaign committee can contain her name. We are unsure if by “name” the FEC means any part of a person’s name or if they mean the combination of first and last names. Sarah Palin could, however, explore a run without it affecting her PAC.

We do not know whether Sarah Palin will run. FEC disclosures for 1Q 2015 have not been released as this goes to press. These filings would show if un-announced hirings of new staff have been made.

We strongly caution against “reading tea leaves” into this letter or any statements made.

Now, the letter….


“I’m ready for Hillary. Are you?”

Dear [DONOR],

“I’m ready for Hillary. Are you?”

With these words at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Governor Palin made it clear: the fight to win the White House and save our country in 2016 starts right now in 2015.

That’s why I’m asking you to grab a pen and sign the enclosed 2016 Presidential Roll Call today.

The favor of a reply is requested within 48 hours.

Will you let Governor Palin know right away if she can count on your support in the fight for the heart and soul of America?

As you might imagine, her speech in Iowa set off a media firestorm.

The Washington Examiner headline trumpeted:


And within hours the Ready for Hillary Super-PAC fired off an email to raise money off the speech. Why?

Because they’re scared to death of what 2016 will look like if conservatives get engaged and stay engaged through all of 2015 and 2016.

Well [DONOR], that’s why Governor Palin is sounding “roll call” today…

…and she needs to know if you’re on board.

That’s why she asked me to send you the enclosed 2016 Presidential Roll Call so you can weigh in on the issues and the game-plan that will decide the fate of our Constitutional Republic, [DONOR].

Your speedy reply today will ignite a movement to help SarahPAC win this epic showdown.

Make no mistake, the political establishment of both parties is already scheming for 2016.

And they want to tighten their grip on power.

[DONOR], after 8 years of Barack Obama in the White House, the last thing our country can afford is a radical Democrat or a mealy-mouthed Republican in the White House for the next four years.

It’s time to offer voters a real choice and not a “faint echo.”

I know it. You know it. And Governor Palin knows it. That’s why she’s leading this charge.

Make no mistake, there are dozens of ambitious, office-seeking politicians out there now who are “talking a big game” to the American people about repealing ObamaCare, digging out of our $18 trillion debt, and strengthening our national security.

But the truth is [DONOR], it’s going to take more than words to save our country.

It’s going to take real leadership.

It’s going to take someone who won’t cut and run when the first shots are fired.

And it’ll take someone with the experience, the charisma, and the vision to unite conservatives from the Atlantic to Pacific to save our country.

Sarah Palin knows what is on the line in 2016, [DONOR].

And that’s why she’s stepping forward to lead the charge now, in 2015.

As you know, Governor Palin doesn’t wait to go along with the crowd.

  • In the 2012 Texas Primary she backed Ted Cruz long before it was the popular thing to do.
  • In 2014, she was one of the first to endorse Joni Ernst in Iowa.

In both these cases, Governor Palin did the all too uncommon thing in politics: she put her name on the line and she led. She didn’t wait…

She led because it was the right thing to do.

And it’s going to take an even heavier dose of this fortitude to prevail in 2016 — when we must be ready to defeat Hillary, ready to win the White House and ready to galvanize our majorities in the House and Senate by electing even more bold conservatives like Ted Cruz and Joni Ernst!

So won’t you complete your 2016 Presidential Roll Call and rush it back to SarahPAC in the next 2 days?

And [DONOR], when you do, would you also enclose a special one-time contribution of $100 today?

You see, in order to win in 2016, conservatives have to build a grassroots army in all 50 states starting today.

SarahPAC is laying the groundwork to do just that…

And we need to know if you’re on board.

So if you’re able to send a larger gift of $150 or even $200, that would give us a huge boost, [DONOR].

But the most important thing is time.

That’s why Governor Palin asked me to ask you to rush us your response in the next 2 days.

Your 2016 Presidential Roll Call is just the first step in this fight, [DONOR].

In her rousing speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Governor Palin quoted Thomas Jefferson:

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Make no mistake, that’s what 2016 is — a battle between liberty and tyranny.

It won’t be easy. Governor Palin knows that.

And that’s why she’s asking you to answer the call to stand with her today. Please hurry — this train is leaving the station!

Are you on-board, [DONOR]?

Please hurry – I told Governor Palin I’d let her know when we receive your 2016 Presidential Roll Call!


Tim Crawford Signature

Tim Crawford, Treasurer
Sarah Palin’s SarahPAC

P.S. [DONOR], please rush me your 2016 Presidential Roll Call and your gift of $100, $150, $200 or more to help Governor Sarah Palin ignite this movement in all 50 states today! Thank you!

Paid for by SarahPAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Click the graphic to donate.

Donate to SarahPAC

Want to kick it up old school and send a check or money order?

Make the instrument payable to: “SarahPAC.”

Mail checks to:

P.O. Box 220700
Arlington, VA 220700-9500

Please include your complete name, address, occupation and name of your employer information. Federal Election laws require best effort collection of this information. Donations over $200 in any reporting period are disclosed to the FEC in accordance with federal laws. Donations must originate from personal funds, and be made by US citizens or permanent residents. SarahPAC can accept up to $5,000 annually from individuals.

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Are You Ready for Hillary? – SarahPAC by Ron Devito



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  • Ron.. do you think she is going to run? I think there are a lot of indicators that tell us she isn’t.. but that’s my opinion..

  • Alberta – I don’t know. I caution against speculating in all its forms. We won’t know until she announces one way or the other. Read the letter vs. the mailer cover and the items I pointed out. I’ll be posting more in the coming days.

  • Thanks Ron. It would be an awesome thing and I’d be behind her 100% – you know that. She is most definitely my hero.

  • Koma Kehuli

    I’m still waiting for Mrs Palin to announce her intention to run…..still waiting!!!

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  • Dear Lord, Please do not let HRC be the first woman president! Please let that honor go to your daughter, Sarah Palin!

  • MaMcGriz

    Thank you, Ron..( and Firelight and Ting ) !

    And whether she does or does not run, I’ll stand with Governor Palin. She’s the leader we need and I’ll be there for her.

    I haven’t received my letter yet, but when it comes I’ll be ready, and will respond with a donation.

    You betcha.

  • MJUdall

    If you say that people shouldn’t “read the tea leaves” then why are you reading the tea leaves?

    • Before we get to tea leaves, let’s pick up where we left off shall we? You were tired of this site and other Palin support sites. Tired of being “spoken down to.” “Unfollowed.” “Whatever.” Any of that ring a bell, MJ? So, what brings you back here? Let’s make it easy: For the complete document that you’re accusing me of reading leaves on, this site is the only game in town.

      You’ve said in other comments you flat out will not accept anything other than “Candidate Sarah.” You’ve said you were tired of “you don’t need a title to make a difference” – which are HER words – not ours. You’ve said your days of supporting “Citizen Sarah” are drawing to a close.

      Your accusation is patently false and a failed attempt to “flip the script.” You’ve been reading too much Alinksy. As with the last time, I stated facts and provided hard evidence to back them up. The mailer cover suggested a Palin run; the letter contained within spoke to raising money for endorsed candidates. It’s all there in 600 dpi black and white and the text was OCR’d and sub-headed in the body of the story. SarahPAC wrote, designed the mailer, packaged the letter, and mailed it. The mailer cover was a tease to get you to open the letter. I called it what it is.

      I also took the time to cite the FEC on what constitutes a leadership PAC – because that’s been bandied about lately – and what the possible disposition of SarahPAC would be if she were to declare candidacy. Where I did not know something, I made it clear I don’t know. No tea leaves were read. I made no assertions as to her running or not running.

      Supporting Palin doesn’t mean blowing smoke up readers’ asses. If her PAC sends a communication out that has mixed messages, it will be called out for having mixed messages. This one did. Period.

      • MJUdall

        This site is the only game in town heh? For godsake get a hold of youself. Let the air out of your head.