’s Ben Howe finds himself in hole, stops digging (Updated)


The First Law of Holes, a proverb attributed to British politician Denis Healey, posits that when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Ben Howe, a creative media specialist and a Front Page contributor for RedState, apparently found himself in a hole:

Ben Howe Apology photo ben-howe-apology_zps99a52dc8.png

Either that, or someone gave him some advice that he couldn’t refuse. Either way, he has manned up and done one of two things that this and other Palin supporters asked him to do at the beginning of this Photoshop flap: apologize to the governor/

Howe’s apology seems to imply that RedState will swap the phony photo on the right for a legitimate one:

SP RS PS photo sp-rs-ps_zpsaf7fcae3.jpg

More than twelve hours after Ben Howe’s mea culpa, however, the Photoshop of Gov. Palin was still up on RedState. At the time I asked him to do these two simple things, his attitude was… defiant

Ben Howe 2 photo ben-howe-2_zps74178d83.png

Hey, it only took him three days. Amazing what influence RS McCain, Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy Team, and some other good people with spines can have after the second day, isn’t it?

Apology (qualified as it may be) accepted, Ben, by this little ol’ blogger down in Big Texas, at least. However, I can’t speak for Gov. Palin or her other supporters, and as you know, they number in the millions.

What say you, Erick Erickson? Will you apologize for denying in a tweet that the pic was a Photoshop job and then deleting that tweet without an acknowledgement that the demeaning photo was indeed fake?

Erickson Denial photo erickson-denial_zps32be8ba4.jpg

Some may forget, but not the Twitterati, or at least those with screen capture software.

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Update 1: In the interest of making it clear to our readers, yes, RedState operatives have removed the disingenuous photo from the article, but not from their website. What they did was detach the Photoshopped image from the article in which it originally appeared on the site. But it still appears on RedState, even if not in all of its original misogynistic glory:

rs-thumbnail-480 photo rs-thumbnail-480_zpsc05732bc.jpg

ScreenCap is not Redstate’s friend.

Update 2: RedState has finally scrubbed the Photoshop job from the thumbnails. Ben Howe was as good as his word that the bogus image would be removed from the site. The RedState boys simply took their own sweet time going about it.

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– JP

  • So where’s the darn photo shopped picture? I’d like to see what the whole thing was about.

  • Story updated with photoshop and real photo the ‘shop was based on.