RS McCain: By God, @SarahPalinUSA Is Right!


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At The Other McCain, Robert Stacy McCain has penned a stalwart defense of Gov. Palin after mocked her with a misogynistic Photoshop job:

Last week, a Breitbart News article highlighted Sarah Palin’s criticism of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, and on Sunday, she wrote a Facebook post excoriating this “bipartisan” sellout:

Great job, GOP establishment. You’ve just abandoned the Reagan Democrats with this amnesty bill, and we needed them to “enlarge that tent” of which you so often speak. It’s depressing to consider that the House of Representatives is threatening to pass some version of this nonsensical bill in the coming weeks.

Palin went on to say that many Americans, herself included, “are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party,” denouncing both parties as “dysfunctional political machines.”

Hear! Hear! Attagirl, Sarah! You tell ‘em!

Then, in response to my friend Josh Painter, Governor Palin said she liked his suggestion of joining forces with Mark Levin to create a new “Freedom Party” if the GOP continues its drift toward abandoning a commitment to core American values. This comment was picked up by the Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor (who has always hated Sarah Palin with a blind fury) and was in turn seized on by a Red State diarist who, in order to illustrate his post, used a Photoshopped image to mock Palin.

By a strange chain of events — having missed the build-up of the brewing controversy — I learned of this via Stacy Drake, who slammed the dishonesty of the Red State attack. Quite frankly, a lot of Palin supporters have been bitter toward Red State since 2011, when Erick Erickson went out of his way to mock them. But let us lay aside these ancient quarrels to ask: Is Sarah Palin right?

Not only is she right to oppose this amnesty sellout, but the resentment toward GOP leadership she expresses touches on key aspects of a criticism that the most astute minds in the conservative movement have been making for many, many years.

Robert Stacy McCain’s Call to Arms

After describing precisely what is wrong with Today’s Republican Party, Stacy issues a rousing call to arms:

Criticize Palin however you will — say she was “not ready for primetime,” call her a “bomb thrower,” accuse her of greed or excessive vanity, impugn her temperament, whatever — but you must understand this: Sarah Palin is not what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

And while I do not mean to endorse a third-party effort in 2016, Governor Palin has put her finger directly on a key problem for conservatives, namely that such leaders of the Republican Party as have joined The Gang of Eight Liars are betraying the people who elected them with the belief that those voters have no alternative.


No, by God, I say we fight these bastards with everything we’ve got.

Fight them until Hell freezes over, and then fight them on the ice.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, a fine occasion to declare our independence from these vicious backstabbing crapweasels.

If Governor Palin is willing to help lead this fight — inside the GOP so long as there is hope, but outside the GOP if we must — then I say, “Patriots! We must conquer here or die! Rally on the Alaskan!”


What Stacy has written here is well worth your time to redirect over to The Other McCain to absorb his full post. A tip of the Stetson to RS McCain for standing up not only for Sarah Palin, but for what is right and honorable for anyone who professes to be a Ronald Reagan conservative. Other men with spines who have called out RedState in defense of the honor of this conservative woman are Dan Riehl, Donald Douglas and Tony Lee. God bless you, intrepid gentlemen.

By way of full disclosure, Robert Stacy McCain is my editor at, when I am a contributor. I am also proud to be his friend.

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  • Helldogger

    Sarah Palin Will Be The President of The United States. Get used to the idea.

    • Helldogger,

      I hope you’re right. I think she can do it. I’m not pushing the whole issue of her running – that’s up to her – but my if I had my druthers, she’d run and win.