Sarah Palin: Allowing DHS employee to run hate site is ‘stupidity on steroids’


Gov. Palin appeared on Fox News’ “On The Record” Friday night. The main topic of discussion was Ayo Kimathi, the DHS security official in charge of procuring weapons and ammunition for the agency. But Kimathi’s purchases of millions of rounds of ammo for Homeland Security (not to mention a tank and armed personnel carriers), while controversial, aren’t even the most interesting aspects of his activities. What he does while in his Obama Administration office pales in comparison to the website he operates on the internet. That site, “War on the Horizon,” promotes militant black nationalism and advises Black Americans to prepare for what Kimathi calls an “inevitable clash with the white race.” On his hate site, Kimathi tells his followers that they must prepare to “kill a lot of whites” and to engage in the “ethnic cleansing” of “black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors.” Other targets of “War on the Horizon” are gay men and women.

The Tea Party favorite said that if the government did indeed give Kimathi approval to operate his website, as has been reported, “this one is stupidity on steroids” by the Obama Administration

The former Alaska governor said that this latest scandal, along with others already out there that have tainted the IRS, the DOJ and the NSA, show that Obama’s administration “chooses what laws to follow” each day. When Greta noted that no administration employees have lost their jobs because of the scandals, Gov. Palin wondered aloud why that is the case. “What are they afraid of, getting sued? So what” she asked. Kimathi “wants to kill his fellow Americans,” she added. “Get him out of there.” Calling the whole situation with the Obama scandals “bizarre,” she attributed the fundamental problem to the size of government. “Government is so large, so grandiose, that it’s out of control,” she explained.

On another topic, Gov. Palin characterized Ashton Kutcher’s “opportunity” speech as “beautiful” and “inspiring.” She said the actor makes the idea of wanting to work “cool again” to his young followers.

Asked if she will run for the U.S.Senate, the Mama Grizzly said she was not planning on it, but she would never “close the door” on running for public office if she felt the need. Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK), whom she referred to as “Markey Mark,” supports the Obama agenda and “needs to be replaced.” But she was quick to point out that his potential replacement “doesn’t have to be me.” The former governor of Alaska said she found it “hilarious” that Begich is using her name “as a fundraising tool.” She added that all of the “far left” Senators should be replaced because President Obama “doesn’t need more help” implementing his agenda.

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– JP

  • it’s prob funded by the Current Rent in office as well. it does feed his agenda

  • it’s prob funded by the Current Rent in office as well. it does feed his agenda

  • Love our gal – but seemed stressed last night…?

  • Love our gal – but seemed stressed last night…?

  • Sarah should run and win a Senate Seat–then she should pull an Obama–SHE SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016 before hew two years are up in the Senate.

    • Are you retarded? Why should she run for Senate if she couldnt even finish her term as Governor? Furthermore, why is there even talk about 2016. She spouts all this “America” , but she just GAVE UP on her beloved state of Alaska. Lets not even mention accepting campaign contributions for months knowing that she wasnt going to actually run fir president last time. Oh, and now she is against free speech? Fire this guy because he has a website? If Obama said that she would be condemning him. Nothing but hypocrisy comes from this woman. No, I am not a Dem. I just do not understand why there is such a following for this charlatan of a woman.

      • Xcerpt, the one who lacks intelligence is you and if you are going to start with insults I’m going to hurl them right back at you. You also completely impeach your own credibility when you start off on that foot. Now that we got the niceties out of the way, here’s why your mind is diminished and your intellectual capacity so limited: Sarah Palin did not finish her term as Governor because she was personally liable to defend against frivolous ethics complaints. She was exonerated on all of them, but it left her over $500K in debt. It cost the state $2 million to deal with the BS – spearheaded I might add by Linda Kellen Biegel, a DNC operative, Jeanne Chilton Devonne, Andree McLeod, and Zane Henning – nuts – every last one of them. Since you’re on this quitter BS, what about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and for that matter Ronald Reagan and Karl Rove? They all quit various positions too. Or is it OK for Obama, but not for Palin? Is that how it works?

        Accepting campaign contributions? Really? Interesting….because I donate to a lot of things related to Palin and I don’t recall sending money to an official Palin 2012 campaign; I don’t remember volunteering for one; and I don’t recall an exploratory committee. You know why, jerk off? Because there was no Palin 2012 campaign. She did not accept campaign contributions. You need to lay off the crack pipe.

        Oh, anti-white, anti-gay and anti-woman is OK? He has free speech to do that? So, if he ran a KKK or a Nazi site, does he have free speech to do that too? Or is advocating the killing of whites OK, but advocating the killing of non-whites is bad? With all of the PC BS surrounding gay marriage, suddenly bashing gays is AOK? Nothing more than free speech for a DHS employee? Republicans have a “war on women,” you Obama supporters say…but it’s OK to target women in a hate site. Got it.

        If you’re not a Dem, you should be one. It truly is the right party for you and the perfect home for you.

        If you want to look at a charlatan of a woman, maybe you should look at your mother, because she certainly did not raise an intelligent person and you seem quite the charlatan yourself. Thy doth project too much.

  • she looked tired to me….like she had just run in from the yard, did her hair quick and popped on Greta’s…..

  • I thought so too, Mona – we’ve seen her dolled up and last night seemed like she was rushed – like you say, maybe out in the yard or busy with a family event?

  • SHe looks okay to me!

  • Probably just fininshed her daily 5 mile run! (I wouldn’t look that good!)

  • SHe looks perfect i am my Opinion! she does always looks perfect.

  • This is what Obama wants, under Bill Ayers direction.

  • She was fine.

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