Sarah Palin Could Shake Up 2016 Field – Boston Herald


Sarah Palin Could Shake Up 2016 Field

Sarah Palin Could Shake Up 2016 Field - Boston Herald

Sarah Palin says, “Yes We Can beat Hillary” at the Iowa Freedom Summit, January 24, 2015. The Boston Herald said she could shake up the 2016 field because of her star power, fund-raising prowess, and huge following.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could shake up the 2016 field, GOP analysts told the Boston Herald. She has huge star power, huge fund-raising abilities, a huge following, and prior experience as a VP candidate. US for Palin’s market research survey in 2013 showed she has almost 100% name recognition.

“You’ve got to take her seriously because she can raise a lot of money, she has a big following and she has been through a national campaign, which is important to be competitive in a presidential primary,” Republican strategist Chris Brown told the Herald. “I think she really changes the field and she has the potential to hurt a lot of candidates — especially Tea Party conservatives.”

In Case for a Palin 2016 Run, Dustin Hawkins said, she’s fearless, vetted, likeable, approachable, and effective. She easily smashed Hillary Clinton in a poll US for Palin covered last year and in nearly 400 comments on our Facebook Page.

The Former Alabama GOP Chairman Marty Connors echoed Chris Brown’s statement on Sarah Palin’s ability to shake up the field.

“I would immediately put her in as a top- or mid-tier candidate if she decides to run. Much like Rand Paul, she has a built-in constituency and so she wouldn’t have to raise the money that some of the other candidates would and I think she’d be an exciting candidate that a lot of people would rally around,” Connors said, adding that Sarah Palin “has built a career around being underestimated.”

With a 59.46% overall 2014 endorsement success rate and 82.35% for the 2014 general election, Sarah Palin easily beat both Karl Rove and Hillary Clinton. That puts her in a prime position to shake up 2016 even if she does nothing more than continue doing what she does now. Her endorsements shake up the field year after year.

The Boston Herald also interviewed a Democrat consultant, and Palinistas will no doubt be familiar with that party’s talking points.

According to Breitbart News, Sarah Palin has the highest favorability among GOP primary voters. Left-leaning Public Policy Polling said Sarah Palin has a 70% favorable among the GOP. This is consistent with US for Palin market research. Her high favorable among her base is another reason why Sarah Palin can shake up the 2016 field.

She also topped an Economist poll of women Americans most want to be President. Like PPP, the Economist tacks left.

Though Sarah Palin said she is seriously interested in running, she has not set up a campaign infrastructure or ground game. That said, it is still quite early in the game. No one in the field of 2016 hopefuls has declared candidacy as this goes to press.

What do you think (haters, don’t bother – we know what you think already – we’ve heard your hackneyed, shop worn talking points for the past six years already)?

Do you agree that Sarah Palin can shake up the 2016 field with or without a Presidential run?

Shake up in the comments.



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59.46% overall 2014 endorsement success rate and 82.35% for the 2014 general election

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  • YES!!

  • YES!!

  • Boston Herald has is right Sarah has Huge Star Power, a Large Following of 1,000’s and the Fund -raising is growing. If anyone can shake up the 2016 field, Sarah Palin is the one and only.

  • PALIN/CRUZ Ticket= Winner. Amen

  • She will.

  • Yes she will. Love it!

  • Palin / Pirro with sheriff joe in holders place. Now that would be real change for the better.

  • Maryanne Linnenkamp Clark

    They are so afraid of her they do not know “what to do”, that is why they are “hating” on her and her family!!!.. God Bless you Sarah and your family, hang in there as we are all behind you!!

  • conservativecanadian1

    Palin/West 2016!!

  • pete4palin

    She could not only shake up the field, but she will shake up the party machine as well. In her speech, she said we need a candidate that is beholden to the people… not the party. If the establishment continues to try to keep her out, she will go independent.

  • Not falling for it again. She really hung us out to dry in 2012.

  • falling321

    I believe that if she runs, she wins. And so does America.

  • How?

  • Sarah for President!

  • listening to her she wasn’t rambling on people jump on her for nothing.

    • Yvonna,

      Thank you for supporting Sarah Palin on this. All the claims about her “rambling” or making “word salads” came from leftists or in one particular case a former candidate who sought her endorsement and did not get it. That’s called sour grapes.

      Obama has been an impatient man; and he has legislated from the Oval Office when Congress wouldn’t give him his way. He has behaved like a baby in many ways on the world stage. People may not want to hear it, but it’s the truth and Sarah Palin said it.

      Similarly, there was nothing wrong with her expressing her unvarnished opinion about Michael Moore & Co. Certainly, people of his mindset have no problem giving theirs about us. It’s only bad when we do it?

      If you take the one-liners and zingers she said – the stuff haters are calling “word salad,” everything she said is prima facie true.

      Speaking for myself, I would have preferred to hear a few sentences about what she plans to do to advance Reagan Conservatism this year whether or not she runs. This could have consisted of saying nothing more than “I’ll continue doing what I’m doing” – but I think for that venue it was important to say. We in the Palinista community – especially the long-time ones – should know how she does it by now; but people outside her base when she is on the national stage like that – they need to hear it.

  • Jerry Silcox

    She couldnt shake a can of coke with directions on the bottom

  • Thank you Sarah for considering making my Country America again. Palin 2016

  • Tim McCarthy

    Palin and Dr. Carson, or vi averse. Either way, it is a winning combination.