Sarah Palin History Tour: Rise to the Governor’s Office



Last Gubernatorial Campaign Sign


As seen on August 22, 2013 and located on Old Glenn Highway this Sarah Palin for Governor sign on Bob’s Auto Salvage is the last posted one extant.

Gubernatorial Campaign Ads

These videos were the ads Sarah Palin aired when she ran for governor.

Captain Cook Hotel


As seen August 27, 2013, this is the east tower of the Captain Cook Hotel.


As seen August 27, 2013, looking up the east tower of the Captain Cook Hotel.


As seen August 27, 2013, this is the center tower of the Captain Cook Hotel.


As seen August 27, 2013, this is the west tower of the Captain Cook Hotel.


As seen August 27, 2013, this is the western third of the Grand Ballroom in the Captain Cook Hotel. The center and east ends were in use. In the complete and undivided Grand Ballroom, Sarah Palin gave her victory speech when she won the 2006 gubernatorial election.

The first video in the playlist above shows the Palin victory march and speech in the Captain Cook Hotel Grand Ballroom.

Atwood Building




As seen August 27, 2013, the Atwood Building houses the Governor’s Office in Anchorage. The governor has offices in Juneau and Fairbanks as well. I did not enter the building due to time constraints. When she was Governor, this was Sarah Palin’s principal office, though she frequently traveled the state for bill signings, deployments, homecomings, and disaster relief.

Alaska History Walk

As seen August 27, 2013, The Alaska History Walk is a set of 18 bronze plaques on the exterior wall and columns of the parking garage located across the street from the Atwood Building. The plaques recount key milestones in Alaska’s history since the 1867 purchase from Russia. Sadly, the state’s first female governor is not mentioned on these plaques, but one of the milestones – 50th Anniversary of being a state – is memorialized here and that happened during her term.


“Alyeska” is an Aleut word, which means “Great Land,” and the name “Alaska” derives from it. Today “Alyeska” is most often used in reference to the Alyeska Resort.









As Governor, Sarah Palin fought and won a battle against the Obama administration when it tried to strip veterans benefits that Alaska Territorial Guard survivors had been receiving. From the 2009 Master List of Accomplishments:

Governor Palin Fights for Payments to ATG Veterans

Gov Palin Urges Army Secy to Continue ATG Benefits

AK Governor Sarah Palin Signs Legislation Continuing ATG Retirement Benefits

Gov. Palin Commends Senate Action on ATG Benefits




One of the Alaska State Constitution’s drafters – Vic Fischer – is fighting to have Gov. Parnell’s SB-21 repealed on the grounds that the legislation violates the Constitution he helped draft. SB-21 currently supplants Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share, which was one of Gov. Palin’s core accomplishments.







The Call…

When Gov. Palin got the call to be John McCain’s running mate, she was at the Alaska State Fair. The Fair runs for 10 days toward the end of August each year and the fairground is used for events year-round.


As seen August 23, 2013, at the Alaska State Fair, the Super Round-Up is rotating and rising…



As seen August 23, 2013 from the Alaska State Fair, a rainbow lands at the base of the mountains across from the Fair. This was part of a double rainbow Todd and Sarah Palin saw and posted about that night.


As seen August 23, 2013, the Alaska State Fair put on a great fireworks show.


This Sarah Palin History Tour took us through the buildings and spaces that continue to shape, define, reflect and chart the course of Gov. Palin’s life and the lives of her family.

Gov. Palin has said you don’t need a title to make a difference. She had the corner office in a steel and glass tower in downtown Anchorage. and now she leads from two wood-framed buildings on Lake Lucille….which is her central command and operations center. For many of us who have found leadership to be utterly lacking in the White House, we look here to these houses on the lake….


When she is not in those buildings, Gov. Palin leads from wherever she is with an iPhone (now a Samsung Galaxy), iPad, or laptop. For now, the Sarah Palin History Tour has reached its end. As Gov. Palin enters new buildings and spaces, as they chart her course, the Sarah Palin History Tour will return. Greatness can reside and flourish within the walls of the most simple buildings and True North can be found from any point on Earth.

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