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Sarah Palin Lexicon

This is a light-hearted thing. Some of what’s in here is common or common knowledge. Some of the lexicon is my own private creation (and those entries which are will be duly noted as “Devitoism”). Something like this just needs to be documented, and who knows, maybe a few “Devitoisms” will spread…Without further adieu…

Barracuda and variants — “Sarah-Cuda,” “‘Cuda”

Sarah Palin’s nickname as a starting point guard (she was No. 22) on the Wasilla Warriors girls basketball team. In an ESPN interview “Outside the Lines”, Sarah explains how she earned the name. “I wasn’t going to let the other team drive past me and try to steal the ball; and assist the big guys and feed them to get to the bucket.” The complete video can be seen in my blog post, “A Defining Moment that Would Chart Her Life’s Course” and an excerpt is used in my SuperSonic Sarah video (see entry and link below).

The real barracuda is a saltwater fish with two rows of razor-sharp teeth up to .75 inches long. Barracuda circle their prey in the distance, then strike with such great speed and ferocity, that their prey is dead before it even knows what is going on. Barracuda are frequently found in the waters off south Florida and like to go after shiny objects, which is why swimmers should remove jewelery, etc. when in those waters.

“Concentrated liquid cocaine in a cup” (Devitoism):

Starbucks Mocha Latte, or more specifically the “skinny white” version a Sarah Palin favorite, served hot or iced. This stuff is not ordinary coffee. It’s espresso, and it’s wicked, especially if you suck up all the black crud at the bottom of the cup. It is guaranteed to have you wired and race your heart for two or three days. For sugar and caffeine junkies – like Sarah Palin – like me, it’s a wonderful beverage. At the present time, Starbucks Mocha Lattes cannot be snorted or mainlined. 😉 When buying it hot, see if you get the No. 287 cup. That’s the one with the Albright quote that Sarah Palin used on October 5, 2008. Get it in the “venti” size for maximum effect. The iced version is served in a plastic cup with no quotes.

You can get a Frappucino malt which drastically cuts down on the caffeine content, but that doesn’t count. It has to be the full-powered espresso.

“Cranked up on Palin Power, (any of the following: “Starbucks Mocha” or simply “Mocha”) and Adrenaline” (“Devitoism”)

A Ron Devito term ripped off from lawyer Greg Craig. Back when Elian Gonzales was seized from Donato Dalrymple in FL, Greg Craig justified the raid by saying that Dalrymple posed a danger to Elian Gonzalez. According to Greg Craig, Dalrymple posed this danger, because he was “cranked up on applause, Cuban coffee and adrenaline.” Used for MySpace blogs and status settings.

The combination of Palin Power, a Starbucks Mocha (aka “concentrated liquid cocaine in a cup”) and adrenaline is the most powerful legal stimulants out there – and probably far more powerful than even the illegal ones.

“Cranked up on Pure Palin Power” (Devitoism)
Sometimes, the added caffeine and sugar is just so unnecessary….


Similar to darn it (or worse). Sarah uses it and immortalized it during the VP debate of October 2, 2008.

1 Person who lives on a heath, which is a plot of uncultivated land containing low wood shrubs, mainly heather. English origin.

2 Sarah Palin’s maiden name.

Holy Moley

Reportedly uttered by Sarah regarding the number of people present at one of her rallies with her husband Todd.


“Fame, War” Germanic origin. Could mean “warrior.”

Sarah Palin’s middle name.

North Star

  1. Reference made by Sarah Palin to knowing what is right and true regardless of the vote.
  2. Product line sold  defunct Totally Right in which Sarah Palin is referred to as the North Star, because her moral compass points to True North in terms of standing up and doing the right thing.
  3. Polaris, the tail end of of the Ursa Minor constellation.


1. “Servant.” Welsh in origin.

2. “Again.” Greek in origin (source: Whitney Zhand, The LOTUS).

2.  Sarah Palin’s married name.


Coined by Juliana of Team Sarah — to convert a non-Sarah related item into a Sarah-centric (see entry) one.

Palin Effect

The result of “Palin Power” (see entry). Strong positive effects and results brought about by Sarah’s activities and presence — as with her rallying for Saxby Chambliss and helping him win re-election in GA.

Palin Power
1 A reference to the inspirational component of Sarah Palin’s transformational leadership style.

2. An article by Myrna Blyth of National Review which delineates Sarah’s inspirational qualities in great detail.

3. My first ever MySpace blog entry which details what I consider to be the many components of Palin Power. They are: Transformational Leadership; The Resurrection of Ronald Reagan in a Woman’s Body; Re-Defining Feminism; a Living, Breathing, Human Guardian Angel; A Woman who Can Do; and Country First.

4. A state of electrified giddiness experienced by a Sarah Palin supporter. Physical reactions can include some or all of the following: smiles, goose bumps and general euphoria. Extremes can include the feel of electricity coursing from head down the arms, a thunk in the belly – like turning on a main circuit breaker to a turbine which spools up. Racing heart. I often set my MySpace mood to “electric” for this reason.

5. A product line created by Ron Devito.

Palin Powered (Devitoism)

An unusual or significantly greater amount of energy associated with any activity which somehow is inspired by Sarah Palin. If you take off at a green light with much faster acceleration than you normally would and she is on your mind, the takeoff is “Palin Powered.”


Palin Powered activity by definition is on full afterburner and cannot be enhanced any further.

My iPhone is Palin Powered.

Palin Syrah

An organic, Chilean red wine, not related to Sarah Palin, but sales of which was affected by her VP candidacy. Syrah (pronounced “see-rah”) is a type of red wine manufactured under a number of brands. The Chilean brand referenced is “Palin,” and the proper pronunciation of the wine manufacturer’s name is “pay-leen.”

Palintology® (

According to the website, which has trademarked the term, Palintology® is “The science dealing with Alaska’s first female governor (R) and VP nominee, Sarah Palin.” I would regard it as the study of all things related mainly to Sarah Palin from birth to present, but also to her immediate family.


A person who studies Palintology®. (See above).


Coined by Pamela Geller, “Palin-versary” is an anniversary of a Sarah Palin milestone or event. The anniversaries of her VP announcement speech (August 29, 2008 at 12:30 EDT), VP Acceptance Speech (September 3, 2008 at 10:30 PM EDT), her birthday (February 11, 1964), her husband’s birthday (September 6, 1964) are universal “Palin-versaries.” A significant event of a supporter involving Sarah Palin also qualifies.

Ramp up (and variants)

To accelerate; to place extra focus or effort upon; to improve or enhance. Sarah frequently uses “ramp up.”


1 “Lady” or “Princess.” Hebrew Origin

2 Form of address by supporters of Sarah Palin. She is so connected with the people of Alaska, that they routinely refer to her by first name. Once this became known during her VP candidacy, her supporters adopted the practice. Sarah not only permits the practice – she encourages it. Note: if a formal letter is ever sent, the first salutation should always be the formal, which may be followed by the salutation as a friend and supporter.

Sarah (Not Palin): (Devitoism)

A woman other than Sarah Palin, whose first name is “Sarah”

Sarah-centric (Devitoism)

Campaign work related solely and specifically to Sarah Palin…


Coined by Bill McAllister, who was Governor Sarah Palin’s Communications Director and happily spread by It’s a play on “serendipitous,” which means “come upon or find by accident,” almost always in a good way.

Sarahfication, Sarahfy, Sarahfied (Devitoism)

Governor Palin goes somewhere and the place takes on a special significance because of her presence there. Could be a private thing or it could be a well-known place where thousands of people gathered to be with her. That place has been Sarahfied….

Sarah-money (Devitoism)

Money donated to Sarah PAC, AK Fund Trust, 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, Team Sarah, or on any Sarah Palin-related project.

Sarah stuff (Devitoism)

Same as Sarah-centric, except that it also refers to materials, photos, literature, pertaining to Sarah Palin.

Sarah-worthy (Devitoism)

You’ve made a decision, or you have a document package, or completed a project. Can you stand before her and justify it confident that it is worthy of her acceptance? If so, you have something that is “Sarah-worthy.”

SA-RAH! Chant
A visceral, loving chant, almost always done at rallies in sets of two or three, with a brief pause then repeated. The SA-RAH! Chant is always spontaneous. It starts with a couple of people, then explodes into the entire crowd going at it. Once it gets going, it usually lasts over a minute and is accompanied by a stomp on the 2nd syllable. The SA-RAH! Chant always starts in the first instance by supporters yearning for her presence at a rally long before she gets there. Once she’s there, it’s done to root for her. Sometimes concluded with a final whoop.

30 Rounds of Sarah (Devitoism)
Sarah Unloads 30 (Devitoism)
Sarah Locked and Loaded (Devitoism)

Metaphorical references to the detachable box magazine of many assault and battle rifles that holds — well — 30 rounds. When Sarah lets off a good one-liner against Obama, or against her critics, it is worth 30 metaphorical rounds in the Devito lexicon.

SuperSonic Sarah (Smashing Glass Ceilings from Above) (Devitoism)

A concept based partly on Michael Reagan’s “Welcome Back Dad” in which he wrote that Sarah was “shooting shock waves” through the convention center the night of the speech. I coupled that with the fact that Sarah was introduced at Wright State University — named after the Wright Brothers; and her own reference to the pick being almost 88 years to the day that women were given the right to vote. Thus “smashing glass ceilings from above” was added. The term became the basis for a rally sign, which Sarah autographed on October 8, 2008, and also for a tribute video by the same name, based on that sign, which is posted here:

Wired (that way)

One of Sarah’s expressions in which she describes a personality or character trait; or a methodology she uses that is part of her core being and completely un-changeable and irreversible. For instance, “When you’re wired that way to get out there and compete — whatever it takes.” “Wired” is similar to “hard-coding” or “hard-coded” which is used by computer programmers.

You betcha!

One of Sarah’s expressions immortalized during the VP debate of October 2, 2008.


Wink. Sarah immortalized the wink at the October 2, VP debate. I often use it as my standard smiley when discussing anything related to the campaign.

The lexicon may be expanded as needs dictate!

Palintology® and Palintologist® are registered trademarks of Patricia Houser and are not owned, endorsed, or contributed in any way by Sarah Palin.

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