Sarah Palin Michigan Trump Round-Up, Speech, Interview, More


Sarah Palin today stumped for Trump in Alpena, Michigan and also gave an interview to Bill O’Reilly and local news media. We kicked off today’s coverage with a full video of the Palin speech by long-time Palinista Jodie Brown. We have more on-location video dispatches, photos, and local media dispatches.

Courtesy of and retrieved from Jodie Brown: Sarah Palin gives a local media interview. Running Time: 18:11.

Jodie Brown and Tim Brown with Sarah Palin

Courtesy of and retrieved from Karen Altman Ostergren

Courtesy of and retrieved from Angela Warner Marx.

Courtesy of and retrieved from Glenda Warner.

Courtesy of and retrieved from Laura Derk.

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  • aw I miss seeing her

  • Thank you Sarah and your entire family for taking so many hits for We The People. Love you.