Sarah Palin returns to Fox News prime time tonight


Ed. Note: the George Zimmerman trial preempted Gov. Palin’s interview. The original story was written based on a Fox News promotion of tonight’s Hannity show.

Gov Palin will appear on Sean Hannity’s show tonight on Fox News.

Sarah Palin joins Sean to weigh in
on all the hot topics. Plus why is a
controversial cleric visiting the
White House. Former NYC Mayor Giuliani
responds. And is the star witness credible
enough in the Trayvon Martin murder case?

9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central, with a repeat at 12 a.m./11 p.m.

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– JP

  • Joanna Johnson Holbrook

    Cannot wait!

  • Rob Hart

    grace AND grit….should be a good one unless Hannity talks the whole time.

  • Dixie Bruggeman

    Anyone know why she wasn’t on? Float plane problems? Something happened.

  • Rob Hart

    My thought is the Trial was just “too big.” Misplaced news sorting on the part of FOX.