Sarah Palin: Stop Incentivizing Illegal Aliens


We need to stop incentivizing illegal aliens, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said in a telephone interview on the O’Reilly Factor. She was addressing the perceived “softening” of Donald Trump’s position on deporting illegals already in the country. Trump has not changed in any way on building the wall, or stopping immigration from nations hostile to us.

In an interview with Hannity last night, Trump said he would follow our already tough laws on the books.

Eric Bolling substituting for Bill O’Reilly asked Sarah Palin if she thought Trump’s position on deporting illegals was to appease the anti-Trump faction of the Republican Party. She said those people will never vote for him anyway.

She said Trump did not get the support he has by being soft, but by having a steel spine and speaking unpleasant truths. She said as long as Trump stays strong on disincentivizing illegals, his support will remain strong.

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