Sarah Palin: ‘Why let the liberals take over the media?’


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Gov. Palin, now back at Fox News as a contributor, dropped by Todd Starnes‘ office for an interview. Here are some excerpts from the session, as the former Alaska governor and Republican Party vice presidential candidate fielded questions on a variety of topics:

The Culture war

“…it’s a battle for the soul of the country. I remember it was our founders who dedicated this land to God and asked God to protect and bless this land. As we’ve strayed from that – it’s no wonder we have the challenges we do.”

Conservatives and popular culture

“We should not shy away from trying to have a positive impact on the rest of the country. Why let the liberals take over the media? That’s bogus. That’s why I don’t have a problem with Bristol being on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and being on other shows. Why not let the good guys get out there and express some of their views and perhaps to have an opportunity to be a good testimony.”

Her third book, due out in November

“The book is about protecting the heart of Christmas – it’s good tidings and great joy. It’s a fun, festive book – but it also offers some legalese on how to fight back and not allow the heart of Christmas to be taken out of America. It’s going to be a fun book because it’s about tradition –what we do in Alaska to celebrate – good recipes all mixed together in a very uplifting and optimistic inspiring book. You are empowered – you don’t have to let the politically correct push you back.”

Obama’s objection to a religious liberty amendment for our military

“Our young men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect our freedoms – including the right to express our faith. I think it’s quite shameful that our government would thwart that freedom. We’re telling them to get out there and fight for the rest of us to be free but we’re going to take away your rights? That’s ridiculous.”

The biggest problem facing the country right now

“It’s a government that is so overgrown and out-of-control that it’s not accountable to the people. We have a government that thinks we work for it – instead of it working for us. Until that turns around there will be less and less trust in the government and that puts us in a very, very dangerous position.”

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