Sarah Palin’s “Game Change We Can Believe In” Sets Record Straight


Manhattan-based conservative columnist and commentator, Jedediah Bila today wrote:

SarahPAC recently released a video titled “Game Change We Can Believe In,” featuring real footage from the 2008 election season that challenges the premise of the soon-to-be-released HBO film “Game Change.”

SarahPAC highlights the then-glowing commentary of McCain staffers Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt with respect to Palin’s poll-boosting power, gubernatorial approval ratings, focus, character, ability to draw a passionate crowd, excellent debate performance, and thoughtful approach to issues — a “once-in-a-generation politician.”

Interestingly enough, both Wallace and Schmidt became leading forces of criticism against Palin after McCain’s 2008 election loss. They also gave their nod of approval to the HBO film, whose trailer paints Palin as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a depressed, Alaska-hating, self-centered, foreign policy nitwit.

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