SarahNET Radio: Could MO’s Mr. Smith Go to Washington?


Jason Smith stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The Missouri House of Representatives Pro-Tem has shown us the Liberty Pose and now he looks to show the Show Me State that he’s ready for Washington. Hear about Smith’s run for Congress in a special election, plus his thoughts on Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman. Smith talks about striking the Liberty Pose and discusses the issues including farming, the budget, abortion, and more. A new site highlights the Liberty Pose, while a Palin hashtag ruffles Tucker Carlson’s bow tie. Governor Palin comments on the lack of a budget, the deaths of Marines in a training exercise and Harry Reid’s despicable response to it, and Obama’s visit to Israel. We’re getting ready for three high profile Palin speeches including her keynote at the Terri Schiavo gala. Also, a big happy birthday to Piper Palin! Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well.

#PalinLibertyPose, #SarahPalinDoes

Jason Smith is the first candidate or elected official to strike the #PalinLibertyPose. “We can’t have enough freedom. That’s for sure,” he said. All the #PalinLibertyPoses are being gathered at, which is functioning as a central repository for them. The site is “about standing up and showing patriotic spirit,” Scholla said. Copies of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska and Going Rogue are being given away in a contest on the site. The #SarahPalinDoes hashtag also trended much during the week – a response to Tucker Carlson’s “I don’t know what Sarah Palin does” slam.

Scholla said many Republicans feel threatened by Gov. Palin and won’t share a stage with her or invite her to conventions. He lauded Smith for standing with her by doing the #PalinLibertyPose. “You have to stand strong and solid for fellow conservatives,” Smith said.

How Smith Got the Nomination

Smith is running in a special election for MO-8, because the incumbent is stepping down. He was among 27 people who expressed interest in the party’s nomination. Some 86 people – the chairs and vice chairs of all 30 counties; and the chairs and vice chairs of all the legislative districts with the district – all had a say. Smith was the underdog and drove over 10,000 miles visiting committee members in barns, homes, and coffee shops delivering a message of, “personal liberty, limited government, and freedom.”

Sarah Steelman who lives in Smiths’s district supports his run and is a good friend. He’s known her family for years. Scholla said Steelman was so excited that Smith got the nomination it was as if she had gotten it herself. Smith had fought for Steelman during her prior runs and admires her standing up for conservative principles.

Smith on Farming, Budget, Abortion, Regulations

Farming is very important in Smith’s district which grows everything except citrus fruits and sugar. He hails from a small town of 5,000 and said we need more small town values in Washington, DC.

Smith said our nation has not balanced a budget for 51 out of the past 56 years and has not passed one at all in over fours now. Missouri laws require a balanced budget and we should do the same common-sense thing in Washington, he said.

He has served eight years in the Missouri House, is proudly pro-life to the core and said he will not “evolve his position” if elected.

The special election is on June 4. His campaign visited 27 out of the state’s 30 counties last week. This is Smiths’s second special election, his first being to the Missouri House in 2005. He said these elections are “about finding your supporters and getting them to the polls.” GOTV makes or breaks special elections.

Smith said we are over-regulated with over 170,000 rules and regulations on the books. Further if Obama does not get his way via Congress, federal agencies just start making regulations usurping all three branches of government.

In lighter news, Smith busted all his brackets in the first round.

Steel Resolve: ObamaCare and Profitable Non-Profits Cause of High Health Care Costs

Sarah Steelman said, as she opened this week’s segment, “This week, we got confirmation that our health insurance premiums will be going up – for some individual consumers as much as 116% and for small businesses somewhere between 25% and 50%. Insurance companies reported that the increase was due to changes in the law from ObamaCare and due to medical costs going up.”

She continued,

“We all knew that ObamaCare would force premium increases. But what about the ‘all other medical costs’ that keep going up? There’s no question that advances in medical treatment are nothing short of miraculous, however, many non-profit hospitals are making tremendous profits. Time Magazine recently did an exposé on non-profit hospitals and found no rationale for setting hospital charges. That’s why no one ever knows what anything costs if you ask them and coincidentally, that’s why they’re making huge profits.”

“In fact, the report states that the profit margin of these huge non-profit hospitals is feeding the problem by enabling them to gobble up physicians’ practices and smaller hospitals in the areas [they serve] leaving patients with fewer choices and insurers with less power to negotiate prices not to mention the six- and seven-figure salaries top hospital executives are being paid. There needs to be healthcare reform and Congress is not going to repeal ObamaCare. They should start looking at why hospitals are raking in the bucks.

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