SarahNET Radio: Heaths on 2A, Book Tour, 3rd Party, Future and More


Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr. return to The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Kevin Scholla’s dad and brother are here to look back at their book tour adventures and look ahead at what may be next for the Palins and Heaths. The two Chucks also discuss the attack on our Second Amendment rights, the possibility of a new national third political party, rubbing elbows with Tony Blair, and they tell Kevin what Sarah Palin thinks of their new found stardom. Also, a busy week of Palin news. Todd and Sarah Palin attend Chris Kyle’s memorial service, a major lame-stream newspaper falls for a satirical Palin story, and Governor Palin live tweets during the State of the Union. Plus, Sarah Palin promotes a Neal Boortz article, gears up for Iron Dog, and shares some great family pictures and Valentine’s Day wishes. Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is also featured. Steelman wonders how much has really changed since 1795.

Heaths on the Big Apple

Both Chucks have been very busy up in Alaska. Since the last time they were on the Palin Radio Update, Chuck Heath Jr. launched his own website, which has thus far been very successful. Chuck Heath, Sr. said their book tour was both very hectic and interesting as it plied through 16 states. “Good times, lots of adventures,” he said. “It was our first time in the Big Apple and I got my eyes open to the masses. I had no idea of how big it really was,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said of their time in New York City. “It was a little bit different from Alaska….I walked the streets and kept my head craned up. I just couldn’t get over it – the heights of the buildings. That was the most amazing thing to me, and the incredible amount of people – where did they all come from?”

Tony Blair

Chuck Heath, Sr. rubbed elbows with Tony Blair. “I asked him if he brought the Queen over. He got a chuckle out of that. He said one of his favorite stops along the tour was a Green Bay Packers game they watched in Indianapolis and a stop at the Talladega Speedway. “That was a dramatic finish with Luck bringing the Colts back, yes?” Scholla asked. “He’s quite a stud,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said. “I’m a Green Bay fan – I bleed green – but you’ve gotta give it to Luck. He did a great job!”

Sarah Palin’s Reaction to Our Sarah

“The reaction from people who have opened the book and actually read it has been tremendous,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said. “We’ve received countless messages and the reviews from – like I said the people who actually read it – they’ve been great. I think what was most important to us was – when Sarah read the book herself – she hadn’t read it. We didn’t give her anything before the book was published – and I think she was a little nervous, you know ‘what do these guys have to say?’ he said. “When she read it and she gave us a thumbs up, she was real happy with it. That was the most important thing to us.”

Changed Minds?

Scholla asked if the Heaths changed any minds through Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. “I don’t know if we changed minds. I think we just reminisced enough that people know how I raised Sarah, and how Chuck (Jr.) grew up with her,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said. “But they kind of grinned and remembered all the things we did together.” Chuck Heath, Jr. said that he thinks the book did change minds, because of the messages he got from Independents who did not have much information on Sarah. “I got so many messages from people saying, ‘I never knew this. I thought that this happened and this happened and I heard this in the media before. Thank you for straightening it out and giving us the facts finally,'” Chuck Heath, Jr. said. “So, I think we did some good and we set some people straight, and you know, Kevin, there are hard-core people on the other side that there’s no way you’re going to change their mind. You can smack ’em in the face with the truth over and over and they’re never going to change their mind.”

Scholla spoke about the strange hatred of Gov. Palin as a person, noting that you can disagree with someone on all the issues and still recognize his or her goodness as a person. “I still think a lot of people are afraid of her, they’re envious of her, they’re jealous of her success, so all they can do is bad-mouth her,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said. “She has a good following though – you betcha!”

Evolution of Chuck Heath, Jr.’s Website

Scholla asked Chuck Heath, Jr. about his website which has “really taken off.” The site covers Alaska, wildlife, features reader contributions and Chuck Heath, Jr.’s political commentaries. “Well, I didn’t mean to do any of this. This started out during the book tour,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said. “As you know, I kept a blog – a kind of a daily journal of what was happening on the tour, and got so much response from it that people asked me, ‘can you keep it going?'” He continued, “so I decided, maybe I’ll submit one thing a week on the Facebook page – and living here in Alaska and our family’s history – I mean the stories are countless. They just kept coming and coming and it kind of evolved in to … I miss a day now, I get flak from people asking, ‘what was wrong? Why didn’t you post anything yesterday?’ So, I try to give them something every day.”

The site carries everything from “old family photos and the stories behind them to a few of my political thoughts, and I posted something … about my son at the rifle range and it got a huge response. Thousands of people saw that. All I was saying – I was trying to teach my kids right from wrong how to respect respect what a gun can do and how to handle it properly. For you people out there who have a problem with that, his goal in life is to be a United States Marine. He’s going to be the guy who’s out there protecting you, so quit griping about it,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Chuck Heath, Jr. on Political Third Party

Scholla asked Chuck Heath, Jr. about his posts about the possibility of a new third political party in light of the Republican Party’s failure to uphold its own conservative platform. He said “that was one of those late nights when I was fed up with the bickering between the heads of the Republican Party and the Democratic parties and, the lack of anything being done in our government. Boy, talk about divisiveness on both sides. Why can’t we take some good, common-sense Americans, put their heads together – because there are many millions of them out there – and start something that is going to be more productive?” Chuck Heath, Jr. said he “kind of haphazardly put something down on paper and typed it up.” The article made news in the national media. He had an interview with Alan Colmes, a hard leftist who used to co-host with Sean Hannity. “It’s something that people have told me, ‘it can’t be done. You’ve got to go with one of the big machines.’ I just personally feel that there are enough people out there that want something different. They’re looking at what’s best for the country, not what’s best for the party,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Common Sense

Scholla asked Chuck Heath, Sr. how he and Sally “managed to raise so many kids with common sense.” “Oh, their mother did a good job,” the elder Heath said. He continued, “she gave them a lot of good spiritual guidance there and they got a lot of discipline from me. It paid off.”

Scholla said he thinks people appreciate the Heaths’ message, because they speak to people in an approachable and comfortable way. “Well, we look at ourselves as just a common, ordinary family. I’m not political at all. My wife is not political,” Chuck Heath, Sr. said. “I don’t know where Sarah got all that. She does a good job, but Chuck (Jr.) – he’s starting to jump through the hoops too as far as politics go.”

Our Sarah and Media Coverage

Scholla asked if Our Sarah is still going strong. Chuck Heath, Jr. said “the thing that hurt us the most is that the mainstream – or lamestream – whatever you want to call it – media didn’t do diddly for us. We got help from Fox and some of the different personalities on that network, and some of the conservative websites and things like that, but as far as the national CBS, NBC, ABC, they did nothing at all to help us, which really bothered us, because we had seen these hit books come out right before our book that were full of garbage and here we are finally telling the truth.” He continued, “[we are people who] actually lived through growing up with Sarah and everything she went through, and so we had the testimonies of over 40 people – closest friends and family – her real story. For the national media to not to want to even talk to us after they put all these lunatics on who wrote these garbage books – that was painful.”

“But, that being said, the book is still plugging along. We get orders every day. My dad in fact – if anybody out there is looking for an autographed copy – they can go to my website Chuck Heath Jr. and there’s a link on there where you’ll see my dad’s address, and he is sending out signed copies of the book with a signed Sarah photograph – so every day, books are going out. We got another big order from a conservative website yesterday, and it will keep selling – hopefully,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

The Porch

“The Porch” is daily series of posts “where like-minded people can get inspiration, learn about Alaska history, and our adventures. They also have the opportunity to submit their own stories and their own adventures and we’re happy to post that too,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said. Scholla asked about Sally Heath’s recent surgery. Chuck Heath, Sr., responded, “she had a hip replacement 20 years ago and it went down the tubes, so they re-did it. She’s getting along. It’s been two weeks now. She isn’t bed-ridden, but she is on crutches and on a walker, and she’s hurting. She feels bad about it. It’s kind of crimped our lifestyle here, but she has a good attitude towards it.”

The Dead Walrus…

Chuck Heath, Jr. recounted a rather humorous mistake he made on his website. He had taken a picture of his wife, his mother, son, and himself at the hospital. People had wanted updates on Sally’s condition. “I posted something about ‘mom made it through surgery and she’s doing great,'” accompanied not by the hospital photo, but instead by a picture of a dead walrus.

Chuck Heath, Sr. Speaks at Great Outdoors Day

Chuck Heath, Sr., meanwhile spoke at Great Outdoors Day recently. “Yes, I went down to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and spoke to about 400 outdoors men and Idaho fish and game people and I felt very, very comfortable. I gave an hour and a half presentation. That sounds like a long time. I had enough ammunition to keep everyone interested in it, and it got 100% positive feedback on it. I was speaking from my heart.” He had 200 PowerPoint slides and pictures and said he felt really good about presenting.

Scholla asked the Heaths what Sarah Palin thinks of their new found stardom.”We’re pretty small potatoes compared to her.”

Heaths on the Second Amendment

Scholla also asked the Heaths about their take on the gun control debate that has gripped our nation. For them, responsible gun ownership has been second-nature. “I was at a gun show this morning,” the elder Heath said. “You couldn’t even move in there. People came out of the woodwork to stick up for the Second Amendment. When I was in Idaho, I went to a Second Amendment rally. Thousands of people showed up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for it. People were there standing up for their gun rights. I feel that people who were raised with guns – and even if they weren’t raised with guns – if they’re interested in them and they’re going to take a class on gun safety and target shoot or whatever they’re going to do…99.99% of these people are just the greatest people you’d ever hope to meet.” He continued, “They’re the people who will defend you. They’re never going to abuse these weapons. These killings…what’s the common thread? They’re all lunatics. We’re 100% behind the Second Amendment and we understand it especially being raised outside of large cities. We depend on guns to bring our food in.”

Another Book on the Way?

Scholla asked the Heaths about their future and if another book is in the works. “I’m working on one that focuses more on hunting, fishing, gold mining – more of our Alaskan adventures,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said. He is still working on getting a publishing deal and believes he is close. He hopes to have the book out by Christmas. He said the book, his site, and his full-time teaching job keep him very busy. “I’m burning the candle at both ends for sure right now.”

Steel Resolve: Has Anything Really Changed Since 1795?

“The more things change, the more they remain the same. You know, there’s an age-old argument raging in this country between those who believe that a centralized government is better than a decentralized one. It doesn’t necessarily fall along party lines. This debate started with the Founders themselves. When Washington was President, Thomas Jefferson was worried that there were some in his administration – Alexander Hamilton to be specific – who wanted to return to a monarchy and a much more centralized aristocratic form of government,” Steelman said.

She continued, “Jefferson, of course believed that would be a terrible mistake for the new nation. In today’s terms, it is the difference between the establishment who wants to keep their power and stay in control and the rest of us. In fact, Jefferson articulated his views in 1795. Here’s what he wrote – listen closely:

‘Two parties then do exist within the United States. They embrace respectively the following descriptions of persons: the anti-republicans consist of the old refugees and Tories, British merchants residing among us and composing the main body of our merchants, American merchants trading on British capital, speculators and holders in the banks and public funds, officers of the federal government with some exceptions, office hunters willing to give up principles for places, and numerous and noisy tribes – nervous persons whose languid fibers have more analogy with the passive than active state of things.’

Then he said the republican part of our union comprehends: 1. the entire body of land-holders throughout the U.S. and 2. the body of laborers not being land-holders whether in husbandry or the arts.’

Think about it. Has anything really changed since 1795?”

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