SarahNET Radio Interviews Sarah Palin-endorsed Sarah Steelman for MO Senate Seat


This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla:  She’s been compared to Sarah Palin and now she’s endorsed by her!  Sarah Steelman, conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri is Kevin’s guest!  Steelman talks about the support from Governor Palin, her commitment to our country’s farms, and much more.  Also, Governor Palin takes to the Internet to hammer away at Obama’s failed policies.  Plus, a heartfelt message from the Palins following the horrific theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. It’s all on SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!


“SarahNET Radio is extra-Sarah, because with continuing coverage of Sarah Palin, of course our guest today is Sarah Palin-endorsed Sarah Steelman….Can’t have enough Sarah,” Scholla said. When he spoke to Steelman’s son and campaign manager, Scholla was saying “Sarah this and Sarah that,” and decided to switch to surnames to avoid confusion.

“Congratulations on your Sarah Palin endorsement, and it must give you – Sarah Steelman – a lot of momentum having Sarah Palin in your corner,” Scholla said.

“Oh, absolutely! And I’m just so excited and so honored to have endorsement. I admire her and respect her. She’s a fighter, and she hasn’t been afraid to stand up and do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said. And, I can’t tell you how honored and proud I am to have her endorsement….Yes, it’s given us a lot of momentum, and boy have I gotten great feedback this week,” Steelman said.

“People have tried to compare you to the Governor, and you have accepted that like a badge of honor. What are the similarities between you and Governor Palin?” Scholla asked.

“I’ve worked here in Missouri to try to reform government, and have fought against the establishment, and I’ve had some bad political consequences actually from it. I knew it was okay, because I was doing the right thing. And I think that’s what she saw when she looked at my record. She knew that I had fought against earmarks, and stood up against self-dealing in state government, and those kind of things, which is what she did in Alaska. And, that’s the kind of people we’ve got to get in Washington, because we cannot keep doing business the same way they’re doing business. We’ve got to change the way things are done out there, or we’re going to just keep getting the same outcome,” Steelman said.

Stand Up and do the Right Thing

“Just like Gov. Palin, you’ve climbed through the ranks. In your case you’ve been state treasurer and a state senator, and you’ve had to fight like you’ve said that entrenched establishment, Democrats and Republicans. Talk about not backing down from the good old boys and cronyism, because it may not be as easy as people think it is. If Palin’s been one – you know – who’s been beaten up pretty badly in the press and by some of these politicians – career politicians – especially, and a lot of times, people think women candidates get it even worse, sometimes. How’s that been for you, and how do you keep that fight and keep that focus?” Scholla asked.

Steelman answered in detail:

“Well, it’s always a fight when you take a stand against what seems to be the soft-dealing, the insiders, and the establishment – the status quo. When you want to change that, people get very defensive and they don’t like it when people speak the truth about what’s going on in government and shine the light on it. And that’s happened to me a lot of times….When I was state treasurer, legislators were wanting me to loan them money out of a certain program and I said, ‘No, if you’re a legislator, it’s a conflict of interest.’

And you know what they did: in the middle of the night, in the last nights of the legislative session, they actually passed a law undoing my conflict of interest so they could receive state tax dollars when I thought it was a conflict of interest and that it’s wrong.

And those were my fellow Republicans if you will. So, the thing is, sometimes you make people mad in your own party, but if you’re doing the right thing, it’s worth it, and that’s what we need more of. What happens in Washington is that people try to protect each other instead of doing what is right for the country. And, yeah, it’s hard sometimes for conservative women to stand up and say the truth to power. Sometimes you get beat down a little bit. You know what? We get back up again and do it again.”

Fighting for us, not Special Interests

Scholla said,

“I think when people see that… you and the Governor are people to look up to, because it’s tough. You can see why some good people don’t even run at all because of some of the things that are done to them by opponents or the media, and also like you said, someone trying to make a deal with you like that – you can see someone throwing their hands up and saying, ‘you know what? I can’t deal with this.’ But for you to forge forward like that – that’s very honorable and hopefully that will translate to people who know that about you and go out and vote. Now, in her endorsement of you, Sarah Palin said, ‘you’ll fight for us, not the special interests.’ Tell people how this catering to special interests is really destroying Washington right now.”

Steelman answered,

“Oh, my gosh! They’re just destroying Washington! What happens up there is that people just become so entrenched, instead of listening to the people who sent them, or making sure that they follow their conservative principles that they know work – they will listen to the lobbyists, they will listen to whatever groups have their ear and have made large contributions to their campaigns, and do what’s in the best interest of those people instead of putting the people of this country first. And, it happens time and time again.

You know, I am proposing some reforms in my campaign. For example, I think we should eliminate Congressional pensions, and make it so that it is a servant position, not a career. I think people wouldn’t stay so long. They’d go back home.

You know, right now, Congress exempts themselves from a lot of the laws that apply to businesses. They have their own health insurance program. They exempted themselves from ObamaCare, so we’ve gotta change that whole Washington culture to get a different outcome, or they’re going to keep representing special interests and taking care of each other, instead of putting the country first.”

Live Within our Means; Balanced Budget Amendment

“You’ve really brought your message to the people of the Show Me State: ice cream socials, “old tyme” events. What have you heard from Missouri residents? What do they need Sarah Steelman to do once you get elected,” Scholla asked.

“The biggest thing on people’s mind right now is the debt, and we’re passing a long a humongous national debt to our kids and they worry about it. All over Missouri, people believe that their grand kids and kids are not going to have the same opportunities that they had when they were growing up, and they want somebody to deal with it. What they see happening is that no one wants to tackle the big issues. No one wants to put our financial house in order,” Steelman said.

She continued, “That has to be done. They want smaller government. I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how we need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and that we need to cap the size of government, and we need to just stop spending money we don’t have. There’s a whole lot of things you can do that aren’t being done in Congress right now to solve that problem, and every day, people have to balance their own budgets and live within their means, and so they look at Washington and say, ‘why can’t they do it?'”

Ridiculous Farm Regs will Lead to Foreign Food Dependence, Just Like Oil

“You made it pretty clear that farming families will have a special place on your priorities list. Can you talk about the agriculture community and why Steelman is the right choice for them,” Scholla asked.

“Absolutely! The family farm here in Missouri is so important to our agriculture, to our rural way of life. And, several regulatory agencies are hurting family farmers. You know, we see these ridiculous rules coming out of the EPA trying to regulate dust, or rules coming out of OSHA saying that 14-year-old boys can’t bale hay anymore. Those are absolutely absurd.

We need people who are going to be proactive about making sure those kind of things stop. I’ve been out listening and talking with farmers all over the state. For the past week and a half, we’ve had what we’ve called a ‘Flatbed Forum Tour,’ and they tell me time and time again that these regulations have got to stop.

In some cases, they’re trying to take away what it means to be a farmer. Believe it or not – this might shock you – USDA wants to re-define ‘farm animals’ and put them in the same definition as pet store animals like dogs and cats, and that’s a threat to the family farm. And so, I’m going to be the person who fights for them, because I understand the importance of agriculture to our state and to our country. And, if regulators continue to push these kind of ridiculous rules on farms, what’s going to happen is – these big farming operations and the small farms are going to be put out of business, and they’re going to start doing it in other countries. We’re going to become dependent on a food supply from foreign countries just like we are with oil today. We cannot allow that to happen,” Steelman said.

“You just never know what you’ll get from the left. You talk about them trying to group farm animals with domesticated pets, and at the same time they’ve talked about slaughtering horses in this country which almost everyone is against, so you never know which way…but then again we know someone in the White House who ate dog,” Scholla said.

“Well, that guy’s got to go too,” Steelman said about our dog-eating President.

Please Donate To and Support Sarah Steelman

“Well, listen a mother of three, a friend of farmers, and a true conservative, not afraid to take on the politics as usual crowd, Sarah Steelman, we wish you the best of luck,” Scholla said.

Her website is: Sarah Steelman and Missouri’s primary is on August 7. “You know, I am up against a big pocketbook,” she said. “I need all the help I can get. If anybody is interested in this race – and this is an important national race, because we’re going to take over the United States Senate – we have to beat Claire McCaskill, and I’m up against a lot of money from her, and her friends and her union buddies, so I need all the help I can get. So if anybody wants to send $25 in, $10, or whatever they can afford, I sure would appreciate it.”

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