SarahNET Radio: Palin, Paul Supporters Overlap on Principles


Rand Paul said on this week’s Palin Update with Kevin Scholla he seeks answers to questions with an eye toward improving things. He found it inexcusable that security was not provided for our ambassador in Benghazi.

He said he appreciates the support former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has shown him, most recently when she sent him caribou jerky for his filibuster earlier this year. He did not anticipate the outpouring of support which crossed party lines.

Sen. Paul said the Internet has begun to supplant the filter of mainstream media and youth are abandoning Obama over NSA spying.

He “was complimented and gratified” by Gov. Palin’s support of him being in the Time 100.

Palin, Paul Supporters Overlap on Principles

Scholla said while Gov. Palin and a large plurality of her supporters have backed Rand Paul, his supporters have not reciprocated.

Sen Paul said there is not 100% overlap between supporters of any two people and added that some of his father’s supporters don’t support him. He said if Gov. Palin were in the Senate, she would have support with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and himself. Sen. Paul said both Gov. Palin’s supporters and his largely share then same principles.

Ron Paul is doing speaking engagements and Sen. Paul described him as “honest, resolute, and doesn’t pull any punches.”

Though he stopped short of calling Obama “worst President ever,” Sen. Paul said Obama “lost all moral authority to lead the nation.” He cited Obama’s hypocrisy on privacy and war. He said we should not be arming Islamic rebels in Syria who are killing Christians.

When asked about another filibuster, Sen. Paul said the rules require one person to do it and not leave the floor. Others may ask questions, but only one person may filibuster.

On sexual assaults in the military, Sen Paul said he approached it like a problem-solving physician putting politics and parties aside to join Sen. Gillibrand in changing how these assaults are reported.

Susan Stimpson will be joining Sarah Steelman as a regular commentator with her new Commonwealth Commonsense segment. The former Lt. Governor candidate said Virginia is the cradle of the nation.

Though the nominating convention is supposed to be grassroots, political elites overran it and she was listed in last place despite being in second.
Stimpson said she admires Gov. Palin for being unafraid to speak out and break ground for women. Virginia has not had a Republican woman in statewide office in 26 years.

Steel Resolve: Zimmerman Case About Bad Judgement, Not Race

Sarah Steelman excoriated reporters who are race-baiting the Zimmerman case despite a thorough FBI investigation that concluded Zimmerman was not motivated by race. She said the case was a tragedy that was the result of both Zimmerman and Martin using bad judgement.

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