SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates in 2015 – SEE IT


SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates in 2015

Thumbs Up – SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates in 2015

SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates in 2015

SarahPAC fired its opening shots in the 2016 elections – SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates in 2015 – with $500 and $1,000 donations totalling $25,000 among them, mid-year disclosures reveal. These are quite likely starter donations. Over 78% of SarahPAC’s endorsed candidates in 2014 received legal maximums. In 2016, the entire House and one third of the Senate is up for election, in addition to the Presidential races.

SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates – Senate (5):

Grassley Committee Inc. U.S. Senate, IA Primary
Stutzman for Senate, U.S. Senate, IN Primary
Friends of Col. Rob Maness, U.S. Senate, LA Primary
Friends of Pat Toomey, U.S. Senate, PA Primary
Tim Scott for Senate, U.S. Senate, SC Primary

SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates – House (38):

Mooney for Congress, WV-2 Primary
Jim Jordan for Congress, OH-4 Primary
Steve King for Congress, IA-4 Primary
Justin Amash for Congress, MI-3
Lummis for Congress, U.S. House WY at Large Primary
Rothfus for Congress, PA-12 Primary
Fleming for Congress, LA-4 Primary
Louie Gohmert for Congress Committee, TX-1 Primary
Chris Gibson for Congress, NY-19 Primary
Salmon for Congress, AZ-5 Primary
Pearce for Congress, NM-2 Primary
Blum for Congress, IA-1 Primary
Jeff Duncan For Congress, SC-3 Primary
Meadows For Congress, NC-11 Primary
Committee to Re-elect Trent Franks to Congress, AZ-8 Primary
Scott Garrett for Congress, NJ-5 Primary
Ted Yoho for Congress, FL-3 Primary
Walter Jones Committee, NC-3 Primary
Jody Hice for Congress, GA-10 Primary
Buck for Colorado, CO-4 Primary
Mo Brooks for Congress, AL-5 Primary
Raul Labrador for Idaho, ID-1 Primary
Elise for Congress, NY-21 Primary
Andy Harris for Congress, MD-1 Primary
Friends of Dave Brat, VA-7
Patriots for Perry, PA-4 Primary
Hurd for Congress, TX-23 Primary
Thomas Massie for Congress, KY-4 Primary
Friends of David Schweikert, AZ-6 Primary
Gary Palmer for Congress, AL-6 Primary
Mulvaney for Congress, SC-5 Primary
Duffy for Congress, WI-7 Primary
Morgan Griffith for Congress, VA-9 Primary
Daniel Webster for Congress, FL-10 Primary
Trey Gowdy for Congress, SC-4 Primary
Friends of Bill Posey, FL-8 Primary
Paul Gosar for Congress, AZ-4 Primary
Friends of Jim Bridenstine, Inc., OK-1 Primary

SarahPAC Supports 43 Candidates – No New Staff Hires

SarahPAC donated $10,000 to the Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation, and spent $43,145.27 on internet fund-raising and management.

There was a $7,500 legal retainer paid to Baker & Hostetler on May 20, 2015. Baker & Hostetler is the law firm that was hired in 2011 to research filing deadlines when Sarah Palin was considering a 2012 run.

No new staff were hired this year. In preparation for a possible run in 2011, Sarah PAC had hired Michael Glassner as Chief of Staff and Peter Schweizer as Foreign Policy Adviser.

Building America’s Future – August 1, 2015

On August 1, SarahPAC’s Building America’s Future video will be released to the public. US for Palin has received a private screening copy. The 22:01 video speaks about Sarah Palin’s power as an endorser and her stated mission to campaign for others. US for Palin will release complete details about the video when it is made public.

Closing Financials – First Filing Period 2015

SarahPAC began the year with $825,555.95 cash on hand. It received $489,813.81 and spent $753,232.84, leaving $562,136.92 cash on hand at the close of June 30, 2015.

Comparing to the last off-election year, which was 2013 – SarahPAC began that year with $1,149,939.10 cash on hand. The PAC had $460,537.83 in receipts and $496,505.68 in disbursements leaving $1,113,971.25 cash on hand when the reporting period closed on June 30, 2013.

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This article is written by a SarahPAC donor. My donations can be be found on most of SarahPAC’s itemized receipts since 2009, as well as individual contributions from 2012 to the present (2015 is not showing yet).



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