SarahPAC to Back Anti- ObamaTrade Conservatives in ’16


SarahPAC to Back Anti- ObamaTrade Conservatives in '16

SarahPAC to Back Anti- ObamaTrade Conservatives in ’16

SarahPAC will back anti- ObamaTrade conservatives in 2016, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin last night said in a Facebook Status.

“2016 is just around the corner, and elephants have long memories. My PAC will be supporting the brave conservatives who stood up against ObamaTrade and encouraging good challengers for those who punish them for their courage.”

Her statement was written in support of Mark Levin who denounced Speaker of the House John Boehner and other leaders for “punishing” those who voted against ObamaTrade.

The quote is critical, because Sarah Palin has told us clearly SarahPAC will continue operating full bore through 2016. It tells us at least part of what she intends to do next year. Boehner is possibly in the PAC’s cross hairs, targeted for challenge. It would be well-deserved and long over-due.

Sarah Palin endorses candidates under the aegis of SarahPAC. Only candidates who seek an endorsement are considered. The request must originate from the candidate or campaign manager. The PAC provides up to $5,000 (the legal maximum) in donations to candidates. Candidate support often involves stump speeches and rallies, and these are done via SarahPAC. Invite speeches such as CPAC, NRA Leadership Forums, Road to Majority, and school graduations are also processed through SarahPAC.

SarahPAC and Campaign Committees

This afternoon, I called the FEC’s Information Division to ask for an interpretation of what constitutes a candidate’s name, under No Names of Candidates – 2 U.S.C. §432(e)(4) 102.14(a) (Page 12, bottom of right column):

The name of a nonconnected committee (including a leadership PAC) may not include the name of any candidate for federal office. (Only a candidate’s authorized committees may register with his or her name.) 102.14(a).

The name “Sarah” in SarahPAC constitutes her complete name, under 102.14(a), according to the FEC rep. This means if Sarah Palin were to launch a Presidential campaign (or a campaign for another federal office such as U.S. Senate or House), SarahPAC would need need to either be renamed or dissolved prior to a run. The authorized campaign committee would supersede the PAC; only the authorized campaign committee may contain any part of her name.

On August 12, 2011, Harry Reid was found in violation of this statute for having an authorized campaign and forming an unauthorized PAC bearing some part of his name.

In February 2015, SarahPAC released a re-designed mobile-first responsive website along with a dedicated Twitter account and Facebook Page. This action tells us SarahPAC will be a major presence for the foreseeable future. As we reported, SarahPAC will back anti- ObamaTrade candidates and challengers in 2016, per Sarah Palin’s Facebook Status:

Once again the “Great One” Mark Levin is spot on for calling out the shameful way the House GOP leadership is targeting…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Monday, June 22, 2015



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  • Christopher H Fromme

    Then it’s time to change the name to NorthstarPAC and get on with the Presidential campaign

    • Except that the PAC just did a brand renovation four months ago…..and it takes four to six months after a decision to run is made to launch a campaign. When you look at the timeline, the “no name of candidates in unauthorized committees” statute, debate admission criteria and what 14 other candidates have been doing for six months vs. what she has not been doing – draw your own conclusion.

      • Donna Corvino

        I agree with you on this. She would have made her decision by now.

    • You and I both wish …