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Ed. Note: The lies are continuing with Alinskyites continuing to claim that Fox News “fired” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin when the truth is she left of her own accord to broaden her reach as delineated by Kevin Scholla below and in False Stories Spread on Gov Palin’s Departure from Fox. Now, haters are obsessed with the “$15.85 cost per word” of Gov. Palin’s contract insinuating that she somehow bamboozled the network or that her pay was “excessive.” For three years, Fox News and Gov. Palin had a contract, the terms of which – including compensation – were negotiated and agreed to by both sides. That ends the whole “$15.85 per word” conversation right there.

By Kevin Scholla, PA State Coordinator
American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin

For someone who is so irrelevant, so yesterday’s news, they sure as heck talk about her a lot. Ever since it was announced that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would not renew her contract with Fox News, the glib, celebratory comments have poured in. The Left wing blogosphere erupted. Mouth breathers in moms’ basements nationwide took to social media. Even the paid political hacks made sure to get their shots in. ‘Ding dong! The Mama Grizzly is dead!’ The only problem is they couldn’t be more wrong.

Just because countless liberals have a weird, visceral hatred for Sarah Palin, doesn’t mean they should incorporate falsehoods into their rants. We get it. You don’t like her. You apparently have an aversion to hardworking, honest, patriotic, Christian women. You have distaste for a daughter, wife, and mother who fought her way up the ranks from mayor to governor to vice presidential candidate, and did so without any special assistance from the establishment. Why these accomplishments would be frowned upon is a topic for another day. Although Dr. Melfi probably had an easier time dealing with Tony Soprano’s inner demons than any therapist who would dare delve in to the sick head of a Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferer. The point here is, when spewing your hate, at least be factual.

The false meme being thrown around since the Palin-Fox News split is that she was canned or let go. Some outlets are asking ‘Is Palin’s Career Over?’. Others have flat out called the race. They talk about a fading star and irrelevancy. Never has the much overused ‘LOL’ been more appropriate than right now. Saying Palin is irrelevant is like saying Casey Anthony is a good mom or Lance Armstrong is known mainly for his honesty. Those who push this narrative not only come off as total buffoons, but they should be first in line for the NFL’s enhanced concussion studies program. Clearly there is some sort of brain injury here.

Howard Kurtz wrote one particularly idiotic article titled ‘Sarah Palin’s fall from media stardom’. Kurtz is the host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources”. Talk about an oxymoron with the emphasis on the last two syllables. In the story, which is nothing more than a classic ‘time to get back at the cool kids’ hit piece, Kurtz assigns Palin snarky monikers like ‘half-term governor’ and ‘exiled politician’. What does that mean? Palin could have run for The White House in 2012 but chose not to. Her decision. Just like she decided to not return to Fox. Palin still has a future in politics if she desires to explore one. Kurtz writes (and I think he’s being serious) that Palin “never quite had the impact of, say, a Karl Rove as a Fox talking head”. He’s right about that. While Palin-endorsed candidates this last election cycle had a 75% success rate, Rove wasted hundreds of millions of dollars, only to post a pathetic 1% positive showing. While Palin warned of death panels and called out the GOP establishment for constantly giving in, Rove was busy predicting a Romney landslide. No contest in this match-up, folks.

Predictably, Kurtz also gets in a shot at our Second Amendment. No liberal writing today would be complete without a chic gun grab comment. He calls the use of cross hairs on Palin’s political action committee site ‘unwise’. Kurtz points to the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting and Palin’s subsequent dealings with Roger Ailes as her ‘low point’ at Fox. Says who? Palin disagreeing and not being afraid to stand up to powerful men is not a negative. It’s what makes her great.

The overall idea of Kurtz’ article is that Palin’s stock has fallen. I guess he wasn’t at CPAC this past February for Governor Palin’s keynote speech. A crowd that acted like a mime convention for many speakers erupted as if Hendrix came back from the dead when the Wasilla Warrior hit the stage. I guess Mr. Kurtz and the twitter brigade of malcontents didn’t pay attention to the myriad of Republican candidates yearning for a Palin endorsement for their campaigns. Ted Cruz beamed when reporting his campaign phones lit up like Christmas trees immediately after receiving an official blessing from Palin. Ask Deb Fischer, Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, Paul Gosar, and Ted Yoho how meaningless Palin support is. All rolled to victory after receiving a Palin endorsement.

The hate of Palin and misunderstanding of her political power makes the Left look even worse than usual. Leaving Fox by choice has opened up many doors for Palin. She can now appear on other networks to express her views while continuing to promote commonsense conservative candidates. Her power in the 2014 primaries could be especially important considering the building sentiment from Tea Partiers to get rid of as many of the spineless, milquetoast, GOP incumbents as possible. Sarah Palin leaves Fox in a great position. While Karl Rove and the other pundits continue to spew meaningless garbage, Palin will be making a real difference, working to elect Constitutionalist candidates. Perhaps one of those candidates may be Governor Palin herself. Oh, the crow that will be eaten then.

This article was written by a Guest Contributor to US for Palin.

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  • lyndaaquarius

    wonderful, uplifting article! thank you so much. Good writing and some excellent points, too. Please keep at it. We’ve got to fight back , not letting any Leftist lies stand. Speed and consistently are key and good writers like yourself are so valuable. Governor Palin is a great leader for our times.