Suddenly Gun Haters are Gun Experts. Really?


The Alinsky-esque attacks on Gov. Palin’s shooting and hunting skills are reaching a wailing crescendo with leftists and so-called supporters alike piling on. “Is she really familiar with guns?” tonight’s Anchorage Daily News headline blares. Of course Gov. Palin is. More on that later. That article links to Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter. Why all this BS? Because Gov. Palin took several shots at a Caribou with a rifle that lost its zero. This was addressed last night in: Gov. Palin when Zeroed, Locked On Target: One Shot, One Kill.

BS Meme: “Sarah Palin did not bother to sight in her rifle.”

Truth: Gov. Palin’s rifle lost its zero when her father took a hard fall while carrying it.

Gov. Palin’s rifle most definitely was sighted when she brought it to Kevak, thence to the remote base camp. The video clip is currently not available online, but for those who viewed the episode, Chuck Heath – Gov. Palin’s father – was carrying the rifle. He was walking down a hill and took a hard fall face down and the rifle hit the ground hard. I confirmed with a former Marine who served in the Gulf War that this kind of blow would definitely un-zero the scope. This is why back-up iron sights – BUIS – that can be co-witnessed through the optics – are de rigueur on optics-equipped assault and battle rifles. Most hunting rifles don’t have this option. If they have iron sights, the scope would have to be removed entirely for them to be usable. The hunting field is no place for this task, so the only option left is a back-up rifle, and Becker’s rifle ultimately did serve that purpose and was used for the kill shot.

Maybe Gov. Palin could have gone straight to Becker’s rifle, but that’s easy to say from the comfort of a warm house in Staten Island. The 70th parallel is a different place.

BS Meme: Gov. Palin had no business using a Varmint Rifle on Caribou

Truth: “Varmint” is a Relative Term. Really.

A varmint rifle caliber is generally referred to as anything from .17 caliber up to .225 caliber. Let’s have a little fun with this. The venerable M-16 and the M-4 carbine – which Gov. Palin shot in Kuwait and a picture of which is US for Palin’s logo – fires the 5.56 x 45 mm round – a .223. The M-16 and the M-4 are “varmint rifles,” then based on this criteria. They fire a varmint round after all. The .223 truly is a varmint round. But a lot of Alaskans use it for caribou. And, our soldiers use it to hunt enemies, who might be considered two-legged varmints.

In fact, Rock River Arms has several rifles, which they designate as “varmint.” I happen to be the proud owner of Rock River LAR-8 Mid-Length A-4 carbine with BUIS. That rifle is the “daughter” of my FAL and uses the same magazines. Both are .308 and that is absolutely not a varmint round. My Savage 10FP is also .308. Rock River makes the LAR-8 in – you betcha – a “varmint” configuration. The Rock River LAR-8 “varmint” has a fixed stock and a 26-inch barrel. It would make a nice semi-auto sniper rifle, when fitted with an Automatic Ranging and Trajectory (ART) scope.

Is a .308 caliber, heavy barrelled semi-auto sniper rifle a “varmint” gun? Rock River thinks so, apparently. My Ruger 10/22 would more fit the classification.

It all depends on what you call a varmint. Alaskan varmints tend to run big. That “varmint rifle” of Gov. Palin’s got the job done before and will again, once it’s re-zeroed.

BS Meme: She was worried about the kick! She can’t shoot!

Truth: Gov. Palin was being handed a borrowed rifle completely unfamiliar to her.

Gov. Palin, Chuck Heath, and Becker realized that Gov. Palin’s rifle had lost its zero and was not usable. She was handed Becker’s rifle. It was one she had not handled before. Ever. Body positioning is more critical with a larger caliber weapon. Gov. Palin was right to ask what she was getting herself into. She took this rifle that she never used before and scored a one-shot kill from at least 300 yards.

[stream base= flv=x:/ img=x:/×167.png embed=true share=true width=500 height=281 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high title=Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Gov. Palin Takes a Caribou autostart=false /]

Sarah Palin and Her Father Hunt and Kill a Caribou retrieved from TV Replay

If anyone has bothered to watch the Kate Gosselin preview, we see Gov. Palin firing a 12-gauge shotgun and handling its 45 pounds of recoil force just fine. The recoil appears to hurt Gosselin more from 20 feet away than it does Gov. Palin’s hardened shoulder.

Sneak Peek: Palin and Gosselin Camp Out retrieved from PalinTV

Sneak Peek: Palin and Gosselin Camp Out retrieved from PalinTV

The rifles she used on this caribou hunt deliver about 20 pounds of recoil force.

The 7mm Magnum (roughly equivalent to a .308) did not kick much more than Gov. Palin’s “varmint rifle.”

BS Meme: Gov. Palin Did not Bring her Own Rifle

Truth: The rifle was identified as being her preferred for its low recoil and easy handling.

This was set forth within the first five minutes of the video.

BS Meme: Chuck Heath “used the rifle as a walking stick.”

Truth: Chuck Heath used the rifle to right himself after taking the fall.

Chuck Heath is 72 years old. He was walking on hilly, spongy, tundra and recovering from a hard face-first fall that took him from vertical to at least 110 degrees down. Common sense dictates that he would use the rifle to right himself.

BS Meme Courtesy of Craig Medred: “Watching Palin with a firearm is like watching someone who barely learned to ride a bike 20 years ago get back on a bike today.”

Truth: Gov. Palin has been hunting since age 12. She hunts every year. She routinely handles large-caliber weapons. In this photo, she looks like a SWAT sniper.

BS Meme: She put her finger on the trigger too soon.

Truth: Gov. Palin put her finger on the trigger when she was ready to shoot.

Her finger was clear of the trigger guard at all other times. The video clip makes this perfectly clear.

The haters wouldn’t hunt with Gov. Palin. That’s just fine. I don’t think she would hunt with them either. I would love nothing more than to hunt with Gov. Palin, even if she does not let me bring my “varmint rifle.”

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  • Well said. Not being a hunter, I would not begin to determine if Sarah Palin was first of all fit to be one, much less how she uses a gun. But the PDS-affected out there have nothing else better to do but blast SP for anything and everything. Those people aren't fit to express an opinion based upon their lack of knowledge!

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